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Most Recent Posts on this Site

  • Floyd County, Georgia, Marriages
    Ware, Anna Rogers, James Dec 2, 1869 Ware, Augustus C. Stradley, Harriet M. Jul 7, 1867 Ware, Decatur Cunningham, Jinny Feb 1, 1868 Ware, Dr. E. A. O. Hooper, S. Jennie Oct 12, 1859 Ware, Elmina Bagwell, Berry Jan 16, 1851 Ware, Ezekiel P. Appleby, Mary [More...]

  • Worth County, Georgia, Marriages
    Ware, Emeline Rhodes, Henry Jan 3, 1897 Ware, Jimmie Fowler, Margret Dec 23, 1888 Ware, Lizzie Davenpert, Suttie Mar 12, 1885 Ware, Lula Sanders, Simon Sep 9, 1894 Ware, Sam Jones, Sealy May 16, 1897 Ware, Will Holliday, Georgia Dec 17, 1896   Source:  C. W. Barnum, January 2014

  • Tattnall County, Georgia, Marriages
    Ware, Anna Boyd, Henry Apr 14, 1894 Ware, Emmie F. Edwards, W. L. May 19, 1889 Ware, Floreid Smith, Sidney B. Jan 21, 1886 Ware, George Johnson, Luvenia Dec 28, 1893 Ware, M. E. Ragan, D. M. Jun 17, 1873 Ware, Matt Brunson, Anna Nov 28, 1893 Ware, [More...]

  • Gordon County, Georgia Marriages
    Ware, G. W. Capehart, S. A. C. Dec 6, 1866 Ware, Joseph Henderosn, Marietta Jul 15, 1883 Ware, M. A. Hunnicutt, M. J. Mar 3, 1870   Source:  C. W. Barnum, January 2014

  • Mississippi Early Marriages
    Ware, Abram Gamage, Louisa .Sep 6, 1879 Rankin Ware, Alford McCaa, Margaret .Sep 22, 1886 Lowndes Ware, Alice Patman, John .Nov 2, 1887 Lowndes Ware, Allie Greer, Oscar .Dec 15, 1898 Leake Ware, Alvira Dossett, J. E. .Mar 25, 1888 Hinds Ware, Amanda Briggs, Willis .Sep 29, 1887 Lowndes Ware, Amanda Houston, S. S. .Jan 30, [More...]

  • Southern States Early Marriages Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and unspecified locations.
    Ware, A E Broadhurst, W W Dr Jan 9, 1859 SC Ware, A H , Mary J unknown SC Ware, Allen Green Lynch, Martha Elizabeth Jul 24, 1856 Harris GA Ware, Amanda Dupree, James D Dec 21, 1843 Floyd GA Ware, Amerintha Dupree, Thomas W May 16, 1849 Madison [More...]

  • South Carolina, Marriages
    Ware, A E Broadhurst, W W Dr Jan 9, 1859 SC Ware, A H , Mary J unknown SC Ware, Ann Lining, Thomas mar 1, 1753 SC Ware, Ann Smith unknown 96th or Abbeville SC Ware, Anna Gardner, John Sep 9, 1855 SC Ware, C L F Mcclelland, David R Aug/86/Jan 96th or [More...]

  • Georgia, Marriages
    Ware, Allen Green Lynch, Martha Elizabeth Jul 24, 1856 Harris GA Ware, Amanda Dupree, James D Dec 21, 1843 Floyd GA Ware, Amerintha Dupree, Thomas W May 16, 1849 Madison GA Ware, Andrew W Crump, Maryan Jan 16, 1838 Franklin GA Ware, Ann Carden, Jasper Jun 20, 1850 Murray [More...]

  • Alabama Marriages
    Ware, Eliza Jane Robinson, William 15 Apr 1825 Montgomery Ware, Elizabeth Walker, James B. 25 Nov 1816 Madison Ware, Harriett Coleman, Lenonal 20 Feb 1816 Madison Ware, Rebecca McClung, Montgomery 6 Feb 1816 Madison Ware, Edward Self, Olive 2 Nov 1820 Jefferson Ware, Samuel Lindsey, Mary 23 Sep 1824 Bibb Ware, William F. Gale, Matilda 14 [More...]

  • Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, Marriages
    Ware, Annie   Smith, Jesse Lee   December 7, 1911   Ware, Lizzie   Holloway, Geo   January 13, 1915   Ware, Nace   Chevis, Elizabeth   August 1, 1914   Ware, Will   Evans, Florence   November 11, 1912   Source:  C. [More...]

  • Bossier Parish, Louisiana, Marriages
    Ware, Anthony   Ross, Jane   Mar 30, 1867 Ware, Bell   James, Ben   Sep 15, 1883 Ware, David   Littlejohn, Jane   Jul 8, 1879 Ware, Emma   Gouch, Shed   Nov 16, 1885 Ware, Geo   Ames, Polly   Dec 27, [More...]

  • Bienville Parish, Louisiana, Marriages
    Ware, John Daniels, Laura January 3, 1900   Ware, M C Cummings, Nita Feb 18, 1892   Ware, Sally Laird, Lewis Dec 21, 1867   Ware, W F Cummings, Emma L Feb 6, 1889   Source:  C. W. Barnum, January 1, 2014

  • Acadia Parish, Louisiana, Marriages
    Ware, George W Gantt, Charlotte 08/24/99   Source:  C. W. Barnum, January 1, 2014

  • Ascension Parish, Louisiana, Marriages
    Ware, Helen Nolan, Richard Dec 31, 1879 Ware, Henrietta Nolan, Alexander Aug 30, 1894 Ware, Mary Jane Jackson, John Feb 22, 1881 Ware, William Jones, Julia Nov 18, 1886 Ware, William P Collins, Mary Alice Aug 15, 1894   Source:  C. W. Barnum, January 1, 2014

  • Alabama Marriages, 1641 – 1944
    Ware, Eliza Edwards, Rigdon Nov 8, 1843 Tallapoosa AL Ware, Jane Mclemore, Anderson Sep 5, 1837 Tallapoosa AL Ware, Walton Slaughter, Lucinda Jan 25, 1836 Tallapoosa AL Ware, Edward Self, Olive 2 Nov 1820 Jefferson Ware, Samuel Lindsey, Mary 23 Sep 1824 Bibb Ware, William F. Gale, Matilda 14 Aug 1813 Baldwin Ware, Young [More...]

  • Macon County, Georgia, Marriages
    Ware, Eliza Harvard, Sandy Oct 28, 1885 Ware, George A. Moncrief, Nettie E. Mar 1, 1885 Ware, Isaac Dixon, Rhoda Oct 5, 1885 Ware, Jackson M. Bastrom, Eva M. Jan 27, 1881 Ware, Margian Oliver, Henry Oct 23, 1875 Ware, Mary L. Bailey, Rev. N. A. Nov [More...]

  • Auddie Byrl Ware family plot, Manila Cemetery, Manila, Arkansas
            Contributed by Len Ware

  • The Journey of George Ware, by Michael Ware
    My name is Michael Ware, and as a boy, I remember hearing my uncle talk about our ancestors who came across the ocean in search of a better life.  I [More...]

  • Lawrence Dean Ware Obituary, 2017
    Dean Ware experienced the best day of his life on September 28, 2017 when he left Alzheimer's behind and met his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Lawrence Dean Ware was born [More...]

  • Cora Julia Ware Mithlo Obituary, 2017
    APACHE  Funeral for Cora Julia Ware Mithlo, 64, will be 11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017, United Methodist Church of Apache, with Pastor Sharon Veahquo and Marvin Delaware officiating. She went [More...]