The Ware Family of Franklin, Massachusetts

Eleazer, whose name appears among the petitioners, lived in West Franklin. His wife was one of the earliest members of the church. He was son of Eleazer and Mary, and grandson of John and Mary, original settlers of Wrentham.

1. John and Mary had John, born at Dedham 17th June, 1670; Eleazer, born at Wrentham 28th September, 1676 ; and probably others.

2. Eleazer and Mary had: 3, Eleazer, Jr., born llth November, 1701; Jerusha, born 8th January, 1704; Daniel, born 2d November, 1706; Mercy, born 2d March, 1708; Hezekiah, born 17th April, 1711; Jerusha, born 23d June, 1714; Mercy, born 15th February, 1717; Abial, born 19th August, 1719.

3. Eleazer, Jr., married Hannah Man 20th May, 1736. He died 8th July, 1751. They had : Hannah ; Jerusha; 4, Billy, born 21st March, 1743; Ziba, born 13th December, 1744; 5, Eli, born 31st March, 1748 ; Abial.

4. Billy married Sarali , and had : Amasa, born 12th October, 1780 ; Lois, baptized 5th May, 1782 ; and Jerusha.

5. Eli married Tamar Wight 27th June, 1771; and lived near Bellingham line. They had : Sarah, Phineas, Margaret, Hepzibah, and David.

Jabez, whose birth is not found in the records was, with his wife Mary, among the earliest members of the West precinct church. He had ten children ; among them were: Phineas, baptized 29th April, 1750; Amos baptized 30th March, 1760. Amos married Rachel Pond and removed to Paxton. He was father of Harriet Ware, who was born in Paxton 12th July, 1799, and became afterwards a devoted city missionary and the widelyknown first superintendent of the Children’s Home in Providence, R. I. She always claimed Franklin as her home. She died 26th June, 1847, in her 48th year.

Phineas,” Lieutenant,” married Susa Hawes and had : Clarinda, married Macy Adams and removed to Walpole, N. H. ; Elvira; Warren died young; Alfred, born 30th September, 1787, married Ruth , and died soon after; Philander, born 12th November, 1789. He had two wives, but no surviving children. He lived on the homestead. Of this house Dr. Emmons said it was the only one he knew large enough for two families. Susan, born 29th December, 1792, and died 5th March, 1833. Lieutenant Ware died 17th January, 1826. His wife died 27th September, 1877. This branch of the Wares is extinct in town.

Jesse and Keziah Ware, of another branch, had nine children ; of them were Amariah, married Eunice Aldis, and had : Frederick Augustus, born 29th June, 1798, married Sarah Morse; Esther, born 8th December, 1800; Nathan, 27th December, 1807; Eleazer, married Sally , and had : Sabin, born 3d July, 1812 ; Sanford, married, but without children, and others. Alfred, birth unrecorded, married Jemima Fisher, and had: Emeline, died early, and Alfred Fisher. His house is now owned by J. L. Fitzpatrick. Samuel, Jr., married Olive Daniels, and had: Olive D., who married Fisher Richardson ; Samuel Gilbert, born 8th March, 1824. The descendants of the once numerous Ware family have almost entirely disappeared from town.”

Source:  A History of the Town of Franklin, Massachusetts, by Mortimer Blake, published by a committee of the town, Franklin Massachusetts, 1879, pages 281-82

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