Somewhere back in my research for distant relatives, I seem to remember a young man by the name of Ebenezer Ware. I’ll have to get back in my notes and see if I can bring him up again.

His parents, Hezekiah and Arlene Ware, worked through thick and thin to give “Eb” the proper schooling, that they thought, he needed in life.

I don’t think he was related to cousin “Zookie,” or cousin “Doty” Cody, but

I’ll have to go back and check that out.

Anyway, Eb was an inquisitive lad, as brought on by his extensive journey into academia, and, if asked a question, he would go to the absolute extreme to attempt to find an answer.

One day Eb’s neighbors had to call the local rescue squad to Eb’s house. He had been standing on his head for two days, trying to see what it would be like to live in Australia.

Eb’s journey into the theory of relativity started off easy enough, but he gave that up when he got into defining second cousin, third cousins and those twice or three times removed. He was trying to find where they went once they were removed! All his education was lost on that one.

Higher mathematics, it turns out, was Eb’s undoing.

All that about sine’s, co-sine’s, parallel rhythms, etc, fascinated Eb to no end.

He got so deep into the subject that he packed his note pads, calculators, “slip stick”, lap tops, and book of logarithms, bought a bus ticket to Miami, and took a flight for Bermuda, in an attempt to find the hypotenuse of the—

Bermuda triangle,—–

and was never heard from again.

Yes, I’ll have to check on Eb’s line again. Fascinating!





  1. Another great article Ray and again with the humor that only you can write into it. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Yes, I do recall an Ebnezer Ware also, somewhere along the line.


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