Boyd’s Directory of the District of Columbia, 1887

Ware Agnes, wid Matthew Broad al sw
Ware Alice, wid John, 141 A se
Ware Allen, lab, 709 E ne

Ware Angelina D. wid Thomas, clk pen o, 1543 T nw

Ware Annie, cook, 1416 Madison av nw
Ware Catharine, wid Henry, 1625 12th nw
Ware Charles H, lab, 24 Hope av se
Ware Charles H, porter, 821 R nw
Ware Clara M, clk treas, 906 14th nw
Ware Dudley, lab, 327 G sw
Ware Edmund, lab, 324 I se
Ware Ellen, wid Joseph A, 1529 R I av nw
Ware Eva C, clk pen o, 508 9th nw
Ware Fannie E, teacher, 146 Pierce nw
Ware George, barber, 1614 R nw
Ware George A, carp, 228 Mase av ne
Ware Henry, huckster, 14 О ne
Ware Henry, waiter, 332 1/2 С sw
Ware Humphrey, lab, 609 В se
Ware James, lab, 1920 Long al uw
Ware James, lab, 712 4th se
Ware James E, waiter, 741 4th se
Ware Jumes W, driver, 1716 10th nw
Ware Jane, wid Charles, 909 1st sw
Ware John, lab, 1108 N J av se
Ware John H, plasterer, 156 Pierce nw
Ware Julia, bur ptg, 421 1st sw
Ware Lewis, lab, 925 5th nw
Ware Louisa, bur ptg, 849 D ew
Ware Louisa, servt, 421 1st sw
Ware Mary A, wid Benjamin, Reeve al nw
Ware Marv J. servt, 218 K nw
Ware Nathaniel, lab, Garfleld
Ware Noble, plasterer, 434 Washington nw
Ware Rachel, servt, 1905 I nw
Ware Reuben, lab, 331 G sw
Ware Richard, student, 1529 R I av nw
Ware Richard H, porter, 1026 20th nw
Ware Robert (Ware & Cook), 1545 llth nw
Ware Robert, lab, Pomeroy nw
Ware Robert, waiter, r 2029 8th nw

WARE SAMUEL P, druggist, Ebbitt house drug store, F с 14th nw, h 801 12th nw
Ware Sarah, cook, 2027 P nw
Ware Sarah, washer. 1127 Park pl ne
Ware Stephen, 309 Т al se
Ware Thomas D., clk. 1543 T nw

Ware William, carp, 1332 Green al nw

Ware William, lab, 1 Hope av se

Ware William, lab, 409 13t,h se

Ware William W, driver, 601 Glick al nw

Ware & Cook (Robert. Ware and Frank W Cook), eating, 1545 llth nw


Ware Samuel F., F c 14th nw

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