Boyd’s Directory of the District of Columbia, 1903

Ware Agnes D, clk, h 1918 I nw

Ware Albert, lab, h 2218 Va av nw

Ware Albert B, clk, h 136 E ne

Ware Albert W, clk, h 65 N Y av ne

Ware Allen Rev, h 700 E ne

Ware Alonzo, bellman, h 926 Dartmouth nw

Ware Angie D asst libr int, b 1918 I nw

Ware Bessie G, dept agr, h 717 11th nw

Ware Charles, lab. h 924 Marshall nw

Ware Charles, lab, h 127 Quander pl se

Ware Charles M, waiter, h 756 Steuben nw

Ware Daisy, domestic, h Insane Asylum

Ware Edmund, porter, h 1159 19th nw

Ware Ella, cook, h 1810 19th nw

Ware Ella, washing, h 127 Quander pl se

Ware Ellen M, wid Joseph A, h 1529 R I av nw

WARE EUGENE F, commissioner of pensions, h 1735 P nw

Ware Fred, waiter, h 14 О ne

Ware George, barber, h 926 Dartmouth nw

Ware George, Jr, bellman, h 920 Dartmouth nw

Ware Harvey B, clk, h 12081/2 N nw

Ware Henry, huckster, h 14 О no

Ware Hext P, clk, h 65 N Г av ne

Ware Irving H, lineman, h 65 NY av ne

Ware James, lab, h 126 Pierce-st al nw

Ware James, lab, h 127 Quander pl se

Ware James L, express, 518 20th nw

Ware Jane, wid Wm T, h 752 Cooksey al se

Ware Janie, wid Jacob, h 1415 N J av nw

Ware Jesse E, porter, h 406 O nw

Ware Jobn, lab, h 435 N nw

Ware Jobn, lab, h 1702 Seaton nw

Ware Laura, dressmkr, 926 Dartmouth nw

Ware Laura, washing, h 114 Quander pl se

Ware Laura J, bur ptg, h 026 Dartmouth nw

Ware Margaret, dressmkr, 717 11th nw

Ware Mary, washing, h 114 Quander pl se

Ware Mary A, wld John M, h 717 11h nw

Ware Mary J, cook, h 1408 Samson nw

Ware Nathaniel, lab, h Garfield

Ware Noble, plasterer, h 434 Washington nw

Ware Rachel, domestic, h 1227 N Y av nw

Ware Reuben, lab, h 400 School sw

Ware Richard, h 1529 R I av nw

Ware Richard, bur ptg. 421 1st sw

Ware Richard W. engineer, b 2416 G nw

Ware Robert, coachman, h 1405 Pierce pl nw

Ware Robert, lab, h 2635 I nw

Ware Robert F, porter, h 503 D se

Ware Rosa, domtstic, h 127 Quauder pl se

Ware Rosnnna, domestic, h 1011 16th nw

Ware Saille, wid William W, h 411 19th nw

Ware Susan, domestic, h 1756 N nw

Ware Sylvester, teams. 411 19th nw

Ware Tbomus, lab, h 915 1st se

Ware Thomas D, stengr. h 1918 I nw

Ware Ulysses, porter, h 411 19th nw

Ware Will, motorman, b 71 N Y av ne

Ware William, brickmkr, b 727 Navy pl se

Ware William, lab, h 112 Van se

Ware William W, clk, h 828 11th ne

Ware William W, lab, b 402 1st se


Ware Laura, 926 Dartmouth

Ware Margaret, 717 11th nw


Ware Sylvester, 411 19th nw


Ware James L., 518 20th nw

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