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”Ware for School Superintendent

Allison Ware, President of the State Normal School at Chico, California, has announced his candidacy for the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

While the office has been made nonpartisan, Mr. Ware is one of the best known Progressives in the State of California. He was one of the organizers of the Lincoln-Roosevelt League; was its candidate for the same office at the primaries four years ago, losing out by a very narrow margin, and was one of the most effective speakers in that campaign; in fact, Mr. Ware is one of those rarely gifted men in public life who know how to ‘put it across’ from the platform. He is still a young man, virile, magnetic, thoroughly practical and unusually well informed.

In Mr. Ware’s opinion, the office of State Superintendent of Schools, next to the Governorship, is the most important of any before the people. We quote from Mr. Ware’s announcement: “Efficiency is making every dollar of school money do a dollar’s worth of work; is giving to all the children the best training for citizenship and twentieth century life; in avoiding errors and in taking only tested roads of progress; toward such ends as these the office should bend its energy. In such a way only can the office justify its right to endure.’

Unquestionably Mr. Ware will be nominated at the primaries and will make a formidable candidate no matter who his opponent may be in the final election.

There will undoubtedly be several other candidates for this position before the people. Edward Hyatt, the present State Superintendent will of course be a candidate, and also A. J. Cloud of San Francisco, who is connected with the school department, there has also announced his candidacy. Superintendent of Schools J. H. Francis of Los Angeles has also been mentioned in this connection but we understand that Mr. Francis will not be a candidate.”

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”Work and Play on Saturday

Another innovation in California educational affairs is credited to the Chico Normal school, of which Allison Ware is president. Wholesome and agreeable work is to be provided every child in Chico, regardless of age, creed or educational affiliation, during recreation hours, meaning Saturday only.

Boys can make aeroplanes, tops, bookcases, boats, toys, in fact anything their little hearts desire, while girls can make new kitchen aprons, or alter last year’s dress in the sewing room. Instruction will be given in anything the youngsters desire to do.

It is argued that if it is fun for a lad to make a toy boat at home with crude or inappropriate tools, it will be a pleasure to do it where there is provided every necessary accessory to completing a neat piece of workmanship with competent people in charge to aid. Girls can make doll dresses or pinafores, as well as learn how to knit or follow out the lines of a pattern.”

Reference Data:

California Outlook, Vol. 16, 1914

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