Allison Ware

” ‘Resolved. That it is the sense of this committee that in view of the fact that certain witnesses have refused to answer many material questions propounded to them by this committee during the course of this investigation, and other witnesses, although subpoenaed therefor, have refused to produce for the inspection of this committee, books, papers and documents material to and necessary for use in the investigation now being pursued; therefore.

We respectfully request the Honorable Hiram W. Johnson, Governor of the State of California, lo include in his call for an extra session of the Legislature of the State of California, a recommendation that such Legislature at such extra session enact such laws and adopt such rules of the Senate and the Assembly, joint and several, as will not only require the attendance of witnesses before special committees of the Senate or the Assembly during the session of such Legislature and after such Legislature shall have been adjourned, but shall give full power and authority to any such committee or committees to punish for contempt of such committee or committees or of the branch of the Legislature by which such committee or committees shall have been appointed, any witness who shall refuse to appear before such committee or committees in response to any subpoena served upon him or who, after appearing before such committee or committees, shall refuse to answer questions that have been propounded to him, which, in the judgment of such committee are material to the subject-matter being investigated, or who shall refuse to produce for the inspection of such committee such documentary evidence as in the judgment of said committee is material to said matters so being investigated: and, further, that during such extra session of the Legislature, said Senate shall have the power and authority to receive, entertain and consider any report, either partial, supplementary or final, that this committee shall desire to or shall make with reference to the matters or any matters to investigate and report upon which said committee was appointed. And further, that said Senate at said extra session shall have power to take such action as it deems proper with reference to ‘he refusal of any witness to testify to questions propounded to him by such committee, during its said investigation, or who may have refused to produce for the inspection of such committee such documentary evidence as was desired by said committee for the purpose of said investigation.’

Prior to the issuance of the proclamation of the Governor convening the Legislature in extraordinary session. William W. Shannon resigned his office as Superintendent of State Printing, for which reason the committee deemed it unnecessary, for the purpose of completing its investigation, to require any legislation upon this subject during such extraordinary session of the Legislature.

The last hearing for the taking of testimony by the committee was held at the State Capitol at Sacramento, on December 27, 28 and 29, 1912. when there were present Senators Strobridge, Shanihan and Thompson, and the officers of the committee. At said session witnesses were sworn and examined, as follows :

John F. Neylan, Hair Wagner. Allison Ware, LeRoy E. Armstrong, Friend W. Richardson. S. C. Smith, C. H. Chilcote, Frank J. Browne, A. F. Lange and Edward Hyatt.”

Reference Data:

Journal of the Senate of the State of California, Vol. 1, by California State Legialature, 1913, pages 341-2

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