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The following data were deemed sufficiently interesting to be tabulated for the Harvard Exhibit at the World’s Fair. — Editor.

At Commencement Dinner, in June, 1892, President Eliot stated that for eight generations, since 1642, there had been Saltonstalls at Harvard College. He might have added that the list in the Quinquennial shows for seven generations a regular descent from father to son; also that all the Saltonstalls in this list belong to one family. This is certainly a unique record. But there are probably other families of graduates that can trace back their college lineage for more than two centuries through the female line, though perhaps not to so early a date as 1642.

Such is the Ware family. Henry Ware, 1785, married Mary, daughter of Jonas Clark, 1752; Mrs. Clark was the daughter of Nicholas Bowes, 1725; Mrs. Bowes was the daughter of John Hancock, 1689; Mrs. Hancock was the daughter of Thomas Clark, 1670.

The descendants of Henry Ware have therefore a continuous line of five generations of ancestors, graduates of the College; and as sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons of Henry and Mary Ware have been graduates, the line now includes eight generations : —

I. Thomas Clark, 1670.
II. Elizabeth Clark = John Hancock, 1689.

III. Lucy Hancock = Nicholas Bowes, 1725.

IV. Lucy Bowes = Jonas Clark, 1752.
V. Mary Clark = Henry Ware, 1785.

VI. Henry Ware, 1812.

VII. John Fothergill Waterhouse Ware, 1838.

VIII. William Rotch Ware, 1871.

The last three names represent the elder branch.

It is but just that credit should be given to these women for keeping up the connection between their family and the College. They could not become graduates themselves; but they did the next best thing, — they married graduates, and saw that their daughters did so also.

The connection with Harvard College of the more recent generations of the family has been close and extensive. Henry Ware, 1785, had six sons, all graduates. Of twenty grandsons, fifteen were graduates. Including two members of the Class of 1893, there are twelve great-grandsons in the list The oldest great-great-grandson expects to graduate with the Class of 1900. Five of Henry Ware’s daughters were married; all wedded graduates. Their example was followed by two granddaughters; a third married a graduate of the Divinity School. Three great-granddaughters have already married graduates.

The following list shows the names of thirty-three descendants of Henry Ware, 1785, their class in College, and their relationship to him and to each other : —

1. 1812 Henry Ware ; son.

2. 1813 John Ware ; sou.

3. 1816 William Ware ; son.

4. 1834 Charles Eliot Ware ; son.

6. 1838 George Frederick Ware ; son.

6. 1838 John Fothergill Waterhouse Ware ; son of (1).

7. 1840 Joseph Henry Allen ; grandson ; son of Joseph Allen, ’11.

8. 1842 Thornton Kirkland Ware ; son.

9. 1842 Thomas Prentiss Allen ; grandson; brother of (7).

10. 1843 Henry Ware ; son of (3).

11. 1850 John Ware ; son of (2).

12. 1851 William Francis Allen ; grandson ; brother of (7).

13. 1851 Edward Henry Hall ; grandson ; son of Edward B. Hall, ’20.

14. 1852 William Robert Ware ; son of (1).

15. 1852 Robert Ware ; son of (2).

16. 1853 William Ware Hall ; grandson ; brother of (13).

17. 1854 George Putnam; grandson ; son of George Putnam, ’26.

18. 1862 Charles Pickard Ware j son of (1).

19. 1865 Frederic Ware ; son of (3).

20. 1869 Henry Ware Putnam ; grandson ; brother of (17).

21. 1871 William Rotch Ware ; son of (6).

22. 1873 Arthur Lovell Ware ; son of (6).

23. 1874 Richard Minot Allen ; son of (7).

24. 1876 Charles Eliot Ware ; son of (8).

25. 1877 Gardner Weld Allen; son of (7).

26. 1880 Russell Carpenter Allen ; son of (7).

27. 1880 Robert Winsor; great-grandson; son of Frederick Winsor, ’51.

28. 1882 William Lowell Putnam ; son of (17).

29. 1891 Charles Russell Lowell Putnam; son of (17). VOL. II. — NO. 6. 17

30. 1892 Joseph Allen ; great-grandson ; son of Edward A. H. Allen.

31. 1892 James Lowell Putnam ; son of (17).

32. 1893 Frederick Winsor; brother of (27).

33. 1893 Henry Ware ; son of (18).

It will be seen that since the academical year 1830-31, a period of sixty-three years, only eleven College catalogues have appeared without containing at least one of the names in this list In some years five names, in one year six names, have appeared at once.

The facts concerning this family are given in the hope that members of other families may be moved to furnish similar information.

Charles P. Ware, ’62.”

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