I think I have found the reason females make better accountants, private secretaries, and yes, home makers, than their male counterparts.

It’s their unrelenting attention to details. Think about it.

For example, when a couple goes to buy a shirt, what does he see? A shirt!

What does the woman see? She looks at the  seams, double stitched, tight stitched or basted? Was the fabric cut to be compatible with the pattern? Are the fastenings right, and does the color pattern detract from the cut? Will the shirt clash with his argyle socks? Is the price commensurate with the style, and pattern? Can we get the same item cheaper elsewhere? Country of origin, also a major detail! It’s not just a shirt!

Again, a put-together doll house, for example.

The man goes right to work in assembly, fusses and fumes for hours, trying to fit tab A into slot B. “Miss Know-It-All” comes along and asks, “Hon, did you read the directions?” Her tonal fluctuations blaring out, “Dummy!”

Just another minor detail commonly overlooked by the male, but an obvious detail ingrained into the female psyche.

We take a trip, make a wrong turn, get lost, the man drives around the block five times. The female makes one wrong turn, gets confused, NOT lost, then stops and asks for directions. A detail a real man would never think of.

Hubby comes in from doing yard work, walks right in onto the carpet.

“Hon, Did you clean your shoes before you stepped on the carpet?”

That’s just another detail commonly overlooked by the male. Details!


Probably the most overlooked detail, in the life of the male, is the everlasting detail of resetting the toilet seat!

This one little detail has probably broken up more homes than adultery, drinking, drugs, and gambling combined!

This one little detail also stirs up the second most prevailing instinct in female traits, memory!

She’ll never, ever, forget to remind you of that one indiscretion every time you exit the facility!

I suppose the moral of this is, men, if you want a happy, cheerful, married family life, pay attention to the tiniest of details!’

Read the instructions, wipe your shoes, ask for directions and by far, the most important detail of all—reset the seat!!




IT’S THE DETAILS — 1 Comment

  1. Amen brother Ray…AMEN! This is one of your best. Home is where the wife is and remember….she’s the boss. Thanks Ray. I enjoyed this.

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