Ware Families of Litchfield, Maine


John Ware came to Litchfield from Topsham before 1800. He married Mary Mallett, May 24, 1780, and lived on Oak Hill. Aside from farming he run a tannery. Mary, his wife, died June 3, 1841.

Children of John and Mary (Mallett) Ware:

James, b. October 20, 1781. Married Lydia Staples, January 8, 1803. Lived in Wales, Me. Died April 8, 1862. in West Gardiner.

John, b. May 3, 1783. Died November 13, 1806.

William, b. March 31, 1784. Married Hannah Gatchell, December 25, 1810. Lived in Lee, Me. Died July 16, 1867.

Isaac, b. April 1, 1786. Died October 10, 1806.

Elizabeth, b. October 29, 1789. Married Winslow Staples. Lived in Lee, Me.

David, b. January 27, 1791. Married, 1st, Polly Rideout, December 23, 1810; 2nd, Hannah Lambert.

Mary, b. January 19, 1793. Married Alexander Potter. Lived in Lee, Me.

Martha, b. February 22′, 1795. Married Amos Hodgman, January 15, 1818. She died in January, 1826.

Charles, b. November 18, 1797. Married, 1st, Rebecca Wells, March IS, 1818; 2nd, Mary (Preble) Lord, September 25, 1870. Lived in Gardiner. Died March 5, 1888.

Ezekiel, b. December 13, 1799. Married Susanna Sanborn.

Nancy, b. August 27, 1803. Died March 10, 1804.

David Ware, son of John, lived in Litchfield for several years and then moved to Augusta and Windsor.

Children of David and Polly (Rideout) Ware:

Mary, b. January 13, 1812. Married Joseph Mallett, November 19, 1843. Lived in Lee.

Cyrus H., b. September 24, 1813. Married Nancy C. Mitchell. Lives in Oshkosh, Wis.

Abigail R., b. January 17, 1824. Married William Gowell, October 3, 1841. Lived in Bowdoin.

Lydia S. H., b. May 8, 1831. Married Benjamin B. Clemmons. Lived in Lincoln.

Jones M., b. August 6, 1833. Married 1st, Margaret V. Gowell, March 18, 1864; 2d, Alice Jane (Barnes) Gatchell. Lives in Lee, Me.

William W., b. October II, 1836. Died July 31, 1837.

Aravesta R., b. July 5, 1839. Married, 1st, Roland B. Donnell; 2d, Reuben Dolby.

Children by second wife, Hannah Lambert:

Lambert, b. May 14, 1846. Died May 31, 1847.

John L., b. February 22, 1848. Married Charlotte A. P. Dingley.

Charles S. L., b. February 5, 1851, married Jennie Murray. Victoria A., b. December 9, 1852. Married Miles Root, October 19, 1869. Lives in Portland, Oregon. David R. S., b. November 19, 1854. Died March 19, 1857.

Cyrus H., son of David Ware, lived in Litchfield and then

moved to Oshkosh, Wis.

Children of Cyrus H. and Nancy C. (Mitchell) Ware:

Mary M., b. October 14, 1838.

Abbie G., b. March 29, 1841.

Emma H., b. October 10, 1842.

Nancy E., b. July 1, 1846.

James F., b. February 11, 1849.

Ezekiel Ware, son of John, lived near the Corner and then moved to Augusta. He died November 17, 1884. Susannah, his wife, died January 12, 1890, aged 86 years.

Children of Ezekiel and Susannah (Sanborn) Ware:

Mary C, b. December 4, 1827. Married John Tibbetts, Jr. Lived in. Belgrade. Died January 23, 1890.

Nathaniel G., b. August 13, 1829, married Emma J. Smith. Died in Augusta, November 17, 1877.

James, b. July 22, 1831, married Mary Elizabeth Ferry. Lived in Cal.

Minerva Lowell, b. October 28, 1839, married Rufus R. Lishness. Lives in Augusta.

Win. II. H., b. May r, 1841, married Marcia A. Flye. Lives in Augusta.

Harriet Augusta, b. July 6, 1842, married Benj. A. Yeaton. Lives in Augusta.

Chas. Nichols, b. October 22, 1849, married Lucilla Augusta Reeves. Lives in Augusta.

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  1. My ggm married Chas H Ware, son of Chas T and Jennie Murray in 1912. A lot of people have him deceased in 1911. Her name was Minnie Taylor (Pratt) Do you know what happened to him. Were his uncles in Thomaston Prision. Thanks

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