New Nation/New Home – The History of James Ware I and His Family by: Judy C. Ware

Finally!  I am happy to report that I have completed the last chapter of the revision of New Nation/New Home.  I so appreciate everyone’s patience while I have worked on this project.  The past 2½ years have found me traveling many times to do “on site” research, traipsing through countless cemeteries, and poring over new and exciting documents and records that have recently come to light.

Look forward to chapters being posted on Mondays.

“Message From the Author”

This Biography is copyrighted.  Reproduction is gladly authorized for anyone wishing to use this as a help with their family history, but only with the proper credit given to the author.

For those interested in buying a bound copy or CD of New Nation/New Home – You can ORDER HERE
The purchased copy comes with additional pictures and an index not available on line.  

The sequel to this book is entitled Virginia Roots in Kentucky Soil – The Biography of James Ware II and his wife, Caty Todd  Ware, written by Judy C. Ware.

Questions and Comments are welcome and should be directed to the author.


Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Change is in the Air

Chapter 2 “By Favor of God”

Chapter 3 “James and Agnes ~ The Early Years”

Chapter 4 “Son ~ John”

Chapter 5 “Son ~ Nicholas”

Chapter 6 “Son ~ James II”

Chapter 7 “Son ~ Richard & Daughter Clary”

Chapter 8 “Son ~ William”

Chapter 9 “Son ~ Edmund”

Chapter 10 Changing Times for James & Agnes”

Chapter 11 To Whom Much is Given, Much Shall Be Required”

Chapter 12 The Only Thing That Lasts”

Addendum The Invisible Tie That Binds”



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