John Ware (1655) of Gloucester County, Virginia – Land Deed Research

“Peter Ford appeared in connection with two other patents listed as follows:


  1. On 25Mar1655 Peter Ford received a patent for 500 acres in Gloucester County (New Kent) situated on the northeast side of the Mattapony River adjacent to lands of Captain Robert Abrall, Mr. Barnhouse and William Wyatt for transport of ten persons, including Patrick Napier, William Belcher, Robert Gibbs, Mary Roberts, William Francis, John Nicholls, John Ware, Anne James, Elizabeth Walker, and Elizabeth Mackrell.[34]

By virtue of this patent abutting the lands of Robert Abrall, Mr. Barnhouse and William Wyatt, its location can be fixed as being between Heart Quake Creek and Apostique (Mitchell Hill) Creek and about one to two miles downstream from the future King and Queen Court House as illustrated in Figure XX. This tract was located in the same area as the 1658 patent filing which included William and Ann Graves as headrights. In the ensuing analysis the authors attempt to establish connections which tend to support a hypothesis that William and Ann Graves settled in the area that later became King and Queen County. This hypothesis is in part supported by the fact that other persons listed as “headrights” by Peter Ford also settled in that same general area:

    1. Patrick Napier was a Scottish immigrant and progenitor of the Napier family in Virginia. He is believed to have been the father of Robert Napier, who witnessed the purchase of 400 acres by John Graves Sr.1 from John Claibourne Jr. in 1706.       Patrick Napier almost certainly descended from the ancient Scottish Earls of Lennox from whence sprang Sir Robert Napier, knighted by King James I on 30Apr1623.       It was from Sir Robert Napier that Richard Croshawe, London goldsmith, had purchased his “great capital messuage in St. Martin Outwich, London”, which he bequeathed to his kinswoman, Awdrey Carter in 1631.[35]
    2. John Ware was claimed as a headright by John Pate and Robert Beverly in a patent on 15Jul1669 for 6,000 acres situated upon north side of Mattapony River for the transport of 120 persons. Whether this John Ware was the same person claimed by Peter Ford in 1655 is unknown, but probable. John Ware was recorded as an adjacent land owner on a patent on 22Sep1682 for 300 acres granted to Nicholas Ware along the north side of Mattapony River. These John Wares are believed to all have been the same person, and the son of Peter Ware, born about 1638. John Ware, Peter Ware Jr. and Nicholas Ware were brothers, who settled along the south side of the Peanketanke (Dragon) Swamp in the area that became St. Stephen’s Parish, King and Queen County.       On 21Aug1665 Nicholas Ware and John Garrett [presumed brother-in-law of said Nicholas] received patent for 386 acres in New Kent County on north side of Mattapony River upon head branches of Hartequack [Heartquake] Creek for transport of eight persons. This tract was situated within a couple of miles from the tracts filed by Peter Ford, and found later to abut lands in possession of Nicholas Ware’s brothers: Peter Ware Jr. and John Ware.
    3. John Nicholls: There is a genealogical record for a John Nicholls, born about 1633, of Middlesex, Virginia, died in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia 1704/5, who may have been the same John Nicholls claimed as a headright by Peter Ford. 10Jun1674 John Lindsey received a patent for 700 acres in Middlesex County situated upon the Dragon [Peanketanke] adjacent Thomas Kidd, Thomas Cordwell and Mr. Henry Nicholls. This Henry Nicholls first appeared on patents in Lancaster County, across the Rappahannock River from Middlesex County in the 1650’s, but later began to acquire land in Middlesex. Henry Nicholls and John Nicholls would have been contemporaries, and were the only Nicholls known to have been living in the Middlesex County area in the 3rd Quarter of the 17th Century.       It is probable that they were kinsmen, possibly brothers.”
  1. Source:John Graves of Northamptonshire, RevistedBy Robert L. Atteberry and Carmen J. Rosado
    Last updated February 2011
    All copyright retained by the authors


Complete listing of
Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666
(from book published 1912 by George Cabell Greer, now copyright-free)

Each line contains from left to right:
   LAST & FIRST - Name of immigrant who came to America
   ARRIVAL -  Year of immigrant arrival
   SPONSOR - Name of sponsoring person(s) paying passage of immigrant
   COUNTY - County in which sponsor received land for payment of passage

Items in the listing below are separated by tabs to make it easy to cut and paste
into a spreadsheet or database.  Unfortunately, that also creates column alignment
problems for this display.  There are over 17,000 names of immigrants and over
25,000 names including the sponsors.  The original book had many alphabetizing errors, 
which have been corrected with computerized sorting.
Ware	John	1655	Peter Ford	Gloucester

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