Isaac Newton Ware (1826 – 1878)

“Isaac Newton Ware was born in 1826 in Augusta County, Virginia. His parents were Pleasant Ware and Jane Estele/Ware, (AKA Estell or Estel). They had married in Augusta County, Virginia.

*Have found an Estell family living in Augusta County, at that time frame, that is likely related somehow to Jane. Also, some Estell family having moved from Virginia (Albemarle County, which is next to Augusta County) to Henry County Indiana, same county as this Jane Estele Ware had done, after Pleasant Ware had died.

Pleasant and Jane married on March 22, 1808 in Augusta County, VA.
Pleasant and family, are last listed in the 1840 census in Augusta County, Virginia.
After Pleasant Ware died, (family says Aug 14, 1842, in Augusta County, VA.), Jane and some, or all of her unmarried children, including John Wesley, Isaac Newton, Mary Jane, and Joseph, moved to Henry County, Indiana.

Isaac married Johannah ‘Hannah’ Groenendyke, of Indiana. They were married on October 11, 1846 in Henry County, Indiana.
Johanna’s parents were James Groenendyke and Barbara Buck/Groenendyke.

The Groenendyke families, had originally arrived from the Netherlands, in the 1700’s, where they settled in New Amsterdam, which is now the state of New York; later moved to New Jersey.
Part of the family later moved to Indiana, in the early days of the State, settling in two counties, with two different brothers.

“Isaac N Ware
Johannah Groenendyke

BE IT REMEMBERED, That on this 10th day of October 1846 the following marriage license was issued, to wit:

To all who shall see these Presents, Greeting: Know ye, that any person legally authorized to solemnize matrimony is hereby licensed to join in marriage as husband and wife Isaac N Ware and Johannah Groenendyke and for so doing this shall be his sufficient authority,
Witness, SAMUEL HOOVER, Clerk of the Henry Circuit Court the 10th day of October 1846.
(signed)Samuel Hoover, Clk.

Be it Further Remembered, That on this 26th day of October 1846 the following certificate was filed in my office to-wit:
Indiana, to-wit: Henry County:

This certifies that I joined in marriage as husband and wife Isaac N Ware and Johannah Groenendyke on the 11th day of October 1846.
(signed)Jacob Swafford, JP
Witness (signed) Samuel Hoover, Clerk

Born in Henry county, to Isaac and Johanna were; Mary Jane Ware, born 1847, and Wiliam Montgomery Ware, born 1848.

On December 16, 1849, Isaac bought 80 acres of farm land in White County, Indiana, while he was a resident of Henry County.
‘The East half of the South East quarter of section Twenty five in township Twenty eight of range Three West in the District of lands subject to sale as Winamac Indiana containing Eighty acres.’

On the 1850 census, dated September 13th, Isaac, Hannah, Mary Jane, William M., had moved and are farming in District 130, White County, Indiana.

Isaac’s brother, Samuel Ware, had married and moved to White County also. He was a blacksmith there on the 1850 census, and is with his wife Nancy and their sons Samuel Ware and John Lutz Ware.
Also living with Samuel, is a brother of Isaac and Samuel; Joseph Ware, born 1833 in Augusta County, Virginia, who is also a blacksmith.

Isaac and Hannah had another son, James Monroe Ware, born 1850 or 1851. He is not on the Sept.13th 1850 census in White County, so perhaps 1851 is likely?
Another son, John Addison Ware is born in Henry County in April 1853, so the family had moved back to Henry County, in the early 1850’s, so maybe James was born there also?

Isaac’ wife Johannah, died very young at 27 years of age in 1856, and is buried in Henry County, Indiana.

Widower Isaac, a farmer with young children at home, remarried Mary Ann Huddleston/Doran, a widow with two young daughters of her own. Her husband, Samuel H. Doran, had also died in 1856.
The Huddleston family farm, was only a mile or so away.

Isaac and Mary Ann, were married in Wayne, County, on September 30, 1858, by W.B. Witt-a Minister of the Gospel (possibly a United Brethren Church Minister; the church which Isaac, and his sons, later belonged to).

“Isaac N. Ware
Mary A Doran

Be it Remembered, That on this 29th day of Sept, 1858, the following Marriage License was issued, to-wit:

Know ye, that any person empowered by law to solemnize marriages, is hereby authorized to join together as Husband and Wife, Isaac N Ware, and Mary A Doran, and for so doing, this shall be his sufficient authority.
In Testimony Whereof, I Andrew F Scott, Clerk of the Wayne Circuit Court, hereunto subscribe my name, and affix the Seal of said Court, at Centreville, this 29th day of Sept, 1858.
(signed) Andrew F. Scott

Be it further remembered, That on this 14th day of October, 1858, the following certificate was filed in my office, to-wit:
This certifies, that I joined in marriage as husband and wife, Isaac N. Ware and Mary A. Doran, on the thirtieth day of September, 1858.
(signed) W. B. Witt, M.G.”

On the 1860 census, Isaac N., Mary Ann, and Isaac’s children; Mary J. , William M., James, John, are living on the farm along with Mary Ann’s two daughters Josephine Doran, and Sarah Doran.
Isaac is now farming outside the town of Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana. They had been just inside the county line of Henry County, so maybe they had not actually moved, but perhaps county lines had changed?

Mary Ann’s children, Josephene and Sarah, are listed with the last name of ‘Ware’ on the 1860 census. The last name they were born with is actually ‘Doran’, which Sarah uses on the next census in 1870.

There has been some confusion among family researchers; Mary Jane, William Montgomery, James Ware and John Ware, were all born during the marriage of Isaac Ware and Hannah; several years before the second marriage of Isaac and Mary Ann.

During the Civil War, Isaac’s son William, enlisted in the Union- Indiana 7th Cavalry, three weeks after turning 15.
He is captured at 15 1/2 yrs of age at the Battle of Okolona, Mississippi, on Feb. 22, 1864. He is sent to Andersonville Prison and later to Florence Stockade. Nine months later, he is paroled and stays in the Calvary for another year. Then returning to the family farm for a brief stay, until moving to Wisconsin, marrying Mary Jane Stewart, and having a child, Carrie B. Ware. ( After much research, Carrie is very likely, Carrie Belle Wier/Paist. )
On the ‘U.S. Civil War Draft Registration Records’–‘Ware, Isaac N.’ registers and is listed under ‘Jackson Township, Wayne County, Indiana’ June 1863, and is listed as ’36’ years old, a ‘Farmer’, and born in ‘Virginia’. has mistakenly transcribed the ’36’ years of age as ’56’ years of age. By looking at the original pages, mens ages with 5’s and 3’s, it is clear that this is Isaac Newton Ware, aged ’36’. Also, men over 44 would not have been subject to the Draft.
Isaac is listed with and as, ‘persons of Class II’, not in the separate book with, ‘persons of Class I’.

*Class I – men 20-35 years old, subject to military duty, and unmarried men 36-44 subject to military duty.
*Class II – married men 36-44 years old.
*Class III – volunteers.

from the 1865 ‘Directory and
Soldiers Register of Wayne County, Indiana’

Ware, Isaac N. far w s pike 1/2 mile n Dublin, Jackson tp.
(‘far’ is his occupation; a ‘farmer’)

By the 1870 census, Mary Ann Huddleston/Ware’ daughter, Josephene, had moved out and married, and Mary Ann’s daughter Sarah ‘Doran’, has had a child named Mabel ‘Doran’, They are living at Isaac and Mary Ann Ware’s farm.

Some researchers have mistaken Mabel as being a child of Isaac and Mary Ann.
Mabel is listed on the 1860 census underneath Sarah ‘Doran’, and with the name of Mabel ‘Doran’.
Later on the Wayne County Marriage Records, Mabel states the names of her mother and father; she states that her mother is ‘Sarah Doran’, and that her father is William Ware. It seems that he left the state, ‘before’ Mabel was born.

On March 23, 1871, Isaac’s son, James Monroe Ware, marries Sarah ‘Sadie’ P. Reynolds in Wayne County.

“James Ware is an ordained minister of the U.B. Church.”

‘Cambridge City tribune’ September 7 1871.
(This James, is the son of Isaac N. Ware and Johannah).

“Isaac N. Ware is making a choice article of sorghum molasses.”

‘Cambridge City Tribune’ October 5 1871.

‘Cambridge City Tribune’ August 21, 1873.

“The White River annual Conference of the church of the United Brethren met in the twenty eighth session at this place last Thursday, August 14.
…The interest manifested during these meetings was very good. Fifty five ministers were present. Three presiding elders were elected. The presiding elder of the Dublin district is M. Floyd. The minister in charge of the church here is L. M. Dally. On Monday morning Isaac N. Ware and M. Groenendyke were ordained as ministers of the Gospel. …”
The above ‘M. Groenendyke’, is Isaac’s brother-in-law, Montgomery Groenendyke.

In 1875, Isaac’s son, John Addison Ware, marries the niece of his step-mother, Mary Ann. Her name is Mary Alice Huddleston, the daughter of Mary Ann’s brother, Henry Huddleston. They have 3 daughters together, before John dies in 1881 of tuberculosis, in Wayne County.
( see John’s 1875 marriage proposal-love letter on his memorial page)

By the 1880 census, Isaac has died, and Mary Ann is raising Mabel on the farm, and the census taker lists Mabel as Mary Ann’s daughter, even though Mabel is actually her granddaughter.

Isaac’s son, James M. Ware, dies March 22, 1880, the year before his brother, John, dies in December 1881, of tuberculosis.
A likely cause of death of James at such a young age, would possibly be the same disease.

James’ widow, Sarah P. Ware, on the June 26, 1880 census, is with her young son, Walter Ware, born ~1872, and daughter, Cora Ware, born ~1876; all are living with Sarah’s grandparents, Daniel and Margaret Reynolds; just like she had been doing for many years, before her marriage with James Ware.

They are all living outside Dublin, Indiana, right next to James Ware’s brother, John Addison Ware, with his wife, Mary Alice Huddleston/Ware, and their daughters.
Next to John, is James’ and John’s deceased father’s farm. Their step-mother, Mary Ann Huddleston, is still living there, and with her is her granddaughter, Mabel Ware, and also, James’ and John’s first cousin, G.W. Ware.

Several months later, James’ widow, Sarah P. Reynolds/Ware, remarries on January 23, 1881, the widower James Franklin Reynolds , in Hancock Co., Indiana.

**Our James Ware is mentioned in the Civil War documents filed by this 2nd husband of Sadie Reynolds/Ware/Reynolds. James Franklin Reynolds states that his wife, Sarah, had been previously married to the deceased ‘James Ware’.
This document is transcribed on his findagrave memorial; and now, also on Sarah’s.
It is very important, as it so far is the only document that gives the death date of James Ware, and gives the information that gave the clue as to what had happened to the widow, Sarah, and their children, after the death of James Ware; especially since Sarah had been buried under her nickname of ‘Sadie’ Reynolds. ‘Sarah’ may have been ‘lost’ forever to her ‘Ware’ family, without this document having been added to findagrave on James Franklin Reynolds.

Isaac Ware’s widow, Mary Ann, marries Harrison Cook, on March 16, 1884 in Wayne County, Indiana.
‘H.Cook’ farm land, was located very close to the Isaac N. Ware farm on the ‘1875 Land Ownership Map of Jackson Township’.
Harrison dies on February 9, 1892.
Mary Ann dies in August, 1894.


Mary Ann Huddleston grew up on the Huddleston farm & Inn, which was built by her father, John Huddleston , in the mid 1830s.

The Isaac Ware farm was just down the road, in the 1850s.
The Huddleston farm & Inn has survived, and is now an Indiana Landmark and museum.

**There were ‘three’ marriages, between this Ware family and this Huddleston family.

#1. Widower, Isaac Newton Ware’s, 1858 marriage with widow, Mary Ann Huddleston/Doran; the daughter of John Huddleston.
#-2. Isaac Newton Ware’s brother-in-law, David Groenendyke, marries Mary Ann Huddleston’ sister, Phebe Ellen Huddleston.
#-3. Later, in 1875, Isaac Ware’s son, John Addison Ware, marries Mary Ann’s niece, Mary Alice Huddleston, the daughter of Henry Huddleston, who is the son of John.

Most likely, there were several Ware/Huddleston family activities, and possibly marriages, held at the still surviving, Huddleston farm house/Inn.

(above information on family, put together, researched by great-great-grandson)”

East Cemetery
Wayne County
Indiana, USA”


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