John Addison Ware (1853 – 1881)

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John grew up on his father’s (Isaac Newton Ware), farm. John’s mother, Johannah Groenendyke/Ware, died when he was 3 1/2 years of age. Isaac, remarried Mary Ann Huddleston, whose husband had died the same year as Johanna. Mary Ann’s, two daughters, also came to live with the now combined family, on the farm.

John’s oldest brother, William, joined the 7th Indiana Cavalry, after the start of the Civil War, at age 15.

One of John Ware’ brothers, James Monroe Ware, died the year before John, in 1880. James was also a young man at death, slightly older than John.
As of this time, I have not found the burial of James, or the cause of death. I have to suspect that it possibly could have been tuberculosis, as it was with John.
James also, could very well also be buried in the South Lawn Cemetery, or East Cemetery, both in Dublin, Indiana.

James left a wife, Sarah P. Reynolds/Ware, and 2 children, who after his death, lived with his wife’s grandparents, Daniel Reynolds and Margaret, who live next to the Ware families by Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana.

John had became a ‘book-agent’ at the time of his writing this letter.
A book agent works for publishers, traveling and going door to door (or farm-house to farm-house) selling books. This period of time after the War, was the ‘heyday’ of the book agents. They sold a tremendous number of books, for the publishers.

The future wife of John Ware, Mary Alice Huddleston, was the granddaughter of John Huddleston. John H. was a former Quaker, and he was very much against drinking alcohol, and smoking tobacco.
In his business dealings, it was written that John H. would refuse to transport any alcohol or tobacco for anyone, with his horse and wagons.

I believe this is useful background information needed to understand the apology from John Ware, in the attached letter to Mary Alice.

The original was written on June 22, probably 1875.
They were married on Sept. 4, 1875 in Wayne Co, Indiana.

John’s wife, Mary Alice ‘Allie’ Huddleston, her father Henry Huddleston, inherited this house, from his father John Huddleston, who was the original builder of the house, and Inn.
Mary may have lived in the house for a short while before her marriage to John.

As a very interesting note, John’s father, Isaac Newton Ware, after the death of Isaac’s first wife, Johanna Groenendyke, had married Mary Ann Huddleston, the daughter of John Huddleston, the original owner of this house.

So, John Addison Ware, had later, married the niece, Mary Alice Huddleston, of his step mother, Mary Ann Huddleston.

Researchers have been very rightly, confused over the similarity of the names, and the relationships of all of the above.

The Isaac Newton Ware farm, was just down the road from the Huddleston farm. And more than likely, all of the above mentioned, as well as Isaac’ other children, had been in that house, for family gatherings, etc.

The interesting aspect, is that the house/museum is still there, thanks to the great people of Wayne County, Indiana, and the Indiana Landmarks.

(The link is to the web site, for the Huddleston House.




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