Civil War Military Information Pertaining to Josiah Ware by: Judy C. Ware

CIVIL WAR MILITARY INFORMATION PERTAINING TO JOSIAH WARE – Researched & written by: Judy C. Ware March 2008 For more information on the Josiah Ware line of the family, you can go to A REFERENCE TO UNION & CONFEDERATE … Continue reading

Civil War letter from Edmonia Jaqueline Ware 1864

Hauntingly Graphic Civil War Letter   written by: Mrs. Edmonia Jaquelin Smith Ware       Clarke County, Va.    © Judy C. Ware  2002         Original letter owned by James & Judy C. Ware This letter was written by Edmonia J. Ware (wife … Continue reading

Personal Handwritten Note Concerning the Death of George Washington – courtesy of Judy C. Ware

Personal Note Concerning George Washington’s Death Owned and transcribed by Judith C. Ware © July 2008 I found the following note in a very old book that once belonged to Lucy Balmain Ware Lewis.  She was the youngest daughter of Josiah William … Continue reading

Ware Link to General George S. Patton by: Judy Ware

WARE CONNECTION TO GENERAL GEORGE S. PATTON Robert Patton   +  Anne Mercer (daughter of Gen. Hugh Mercer) B.  Sept. 24, 1750                                            B. 1774 D. Nov. 3, 1828              Oct. 1792                 D. 1832 Had: John Mercer Patton    +     Margaret French Williams B. … Continue reading

Transcription of Kentucky Letter (prior to 1830) by Lucy Ware Webb to her Niece, Sally Stribling – by: Judy C. Ware

Transcription of a Kentucky Letter Written Prior to 1830 From Lucy Ware Webb to her Niece, Sally Ware Stribling © Research & transcription by Judy C. Ware 2009 The following letter provided not only a wealth of family information, but … Continue reading

Transcription of 1812 Kentucky Letter from James Ware II to his son, James III, in Virginia by: Judy C. Ware

Transcription of 1812 letter from James Ware II To his son,  James Ware III Transcribed by Judy C. Ware   March 2009 © Judy Ware 2009 For more information of the Ware family from this line, go to   On … Continue reading

George Washington Sugar Bowl Goes Back Home by Judy C. Ware

Washington Sugar Bowl Goes Back Home © Judith C. Ware         March 2008 with UPDATE OF 2010 For more information on this line of the Ware family, you can go to I first started working on the Ware genealogy in … Continue reading