Ware Farms, Chickasaw County, Mississippi

Copy to your browser. http://books.google.com/books?id=HVBBFYTRRnYC&lpg=PA239&ots=yJjIMwZF_t&dq=grady%20ware&pg=PA239#v=onepage&q=grady%20ware&f=false Source:  Chickasaw County, Mississippi: Pictorial History, Turner Publishing Company, Paducah, Kentucky, page 239   … Continue reading

Ware Family of Dedham, Wrentham and Boston, Massachusetts

“Robert Ware, an English Nonconformist, the founder of the New England family of Wares, was one of those independent spirits — called Nonconformists — who refused to conform to the usages and rites of the Established Church of England. He … Continue reading

Wares of Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

Copy to your browser. http://books.google.com/books?id=8zivJdDPlN8C&lpg=PA437&dq=myra%20ware&pg=PA437#v=onepage&q=myra%20ware&f=false http://books.google.com/books?id=8zivJdDPlN8C&lpg=PA437&dq=myra%20ware&pg=PA438#v=onepage&q=myra%20ware&f=false Source:  A History of the Early Settlement of Newton, county of Middlesex,, Massachusetts, by Francis Jackson, Published by Heritage Books, Bowie, MD, 1987, pages 437-8

Ware Families of Delaware Co., Pennsylvania

”On the fifth day of May, 1675, a company from England, principally members of the Society of Friends, landed from the ship “Griffith,” which had brought them from England to find a home in West Jersey. The leading spirit of … Continue reading