Albert Harris Ware (1827 – 1893)

“Albert Harris Ware, son of Abel and Elizabeth (Thomas) Ware, was born 7 August, 1827, at Athens. He was prepared for college at Bloomfield Academy and spent two years at Waterville College, entering Bowdoin as a Junior. He graduated with … Continue reading

Cullen Sawtelle (1805 – 1887)

“In 1843, Norridgewock again furnished a Representative for her district at Washington, this time for two terms (1843-1845) (1849-1851).  Mr. Cullen Sawtelle, son of Captain Richard and Sally (Ware) Sawtelle, was born in Norridgewock, September 25, 1805; graduated from Bowdoin … Continue reading

Ashur Ware (1783 – )

“Ashur Ware was born at Sherburne, a son of Joseph Ware, a respectable farmer, and born in 1763.  He graduated Harvard College in 1804, at which time he took part in a forensic disputation, Whether the law of nature be … Continue reading