Ware Connections to Presidents James Madison and Zachary Taylor by: Judy C. Ware

CONNECTION BETWEEN THE WARES AND PRESIDENTS JAMES MADISON and ZACHARY TAYLOR ALSO Dolley Madison, Patrick Henry, Supreme Court Justice Thomas Todd, Reverend Alexander Balmain, Major George Steptoe Washington (a nephew of President Washington) and the first Mrs. Jefferson Davis Researched … Continue reading

“Susannah Ware and Daughter Ann Payne “Take Tea” with “Aunt” Dolley.”

A Story, as told by daughter Agnes Ware Sergeant to Family. Taken from the “Richardson/Ware/Stanfield” notes: Selected by Betty Jean (Davis) Fitzgerald.   The story is based on the following quote:  “1800 Grandmother Ann Payne Ware 1.  James Richardson,  2. … Continue reading