Charles Pemberton Ware (1863 – 1948)

Charles Pemberton Ware, “Uncle Charlie”, the historical patriarch of the Ware family, traveled and wrote extensively during his lifetime, visiting and researching the family. His legacy is a collection of letters and monographs reporting on the family and his research. … Continue reading

Andrew Jackson Ware (1848 – 1924)

Added by: Leonard Ware Smith   Added by: Leonard Ware Smith “Andrew Jackson Ware was born the son of Squire Lancaster Ware and Julia Ann Stormes Ware. The Ware family Bible listed his birth given name as Cornelius Jackson. However, … Continue reading

Albert Lee Ware (1870-1928)

Added by: Leonard Ware Smith “Albert Lee Ware was the son of Andrew Jackson Ware and Willie Huffman Ware. Shortly after his birth his mother died on July 4, 1872 of tuberculosis. His father remarried to Sarah Elizabeth Teater on … Continue reading