John Van Cullin Sr. (1821 – )

“John H. Van Culin Sr.,was born in 1821, in the town of Salem, Salem Co.,N.J. His parents were John Van Culin,of German descent, and Sarah (Ware)Van Culin. John H. was but a small boy when his father died, and his … Continue reading

Uncle Bent in the War of Northern Agression

When the USS Lexington captured the Confederate-flagged W.B.Terry on 20 Aug 1861, it caused quite a stir on Paducah’s waterfront, where other steamboats were laid up due to the blockade at Cairo.  An angry mob, led by the Terry’s crew, retaliated by … Continue reading

Dr. Lyman Ware (1841 – 1916)

“Lyman Ware, M.D. was born November 11, 1841, and is a son of Ralph and Lucinda (Clark) Ware, both parents being natives of Massachusetts, where the Ware family located in the 17th century.  On the mother’s side the Clarks came … Continue reading