Agnes Highsmith Ware Obituary, 2001

“Agnes Highsmith Ware of Dunnsville, died on the morning of June 18, 2001 in Tappahannock. She was born December 24, 1912 in Baxley, Georgia to Agnes Eason Highsmith and James Parker Highsmith. She graduated from Wesleyan College with an AB … Continue reading

Eleanor Percy Ware Lee

“Eleanor Percy Ware, sister of Catherine A. Warfield, …was born in Natchez, on the Mississippi river, about 1820.  She was educated at Philadelphia with her sister, and then for several years resided at Cincinnati.  In the volume of poems by … Continue reading

Catherine Ann Ware (1817 – )

” Catherine Ann Ware was born in Washington, Mississippi, in the year 1817.  Her father was Nathaniel A. Ware, of that State, a man of wealth, and political economist of note in his day, whose ‘Views of the Federal Constitution’ … Continue reading