Download the Book (PDF 29.4 MB – Requires Acrobat Reader to Read) View the Book Online Preface by Judy C. Ware Grace Episcopal Church, located in Berryville, Virginia, is a treasure not only to the local citizens who still use … Continue reading

Josiah Ware – First Hand Account of the Civil War from a Letter written by Josiah Ware in 1863 by: Judy C. Ware

Josiah Ware – FIRST HAND ACCOUNT OF THE CIVIL WAR FROM A LETTER WRITTEN BY JOSIAH WARE in CLARKE CO.  Original letter owned by James & Judy Ware © Judy Ware 2008       This letter was written on … Continue reading

Josiah Ware – Biography of Frances Toy Glassell – 1st wife of Josiah William Ware by: Judy C. Ware

Josiah Ware     Biography of  Frances Toy Glassell Ware – 1st Wife of Josiah William Ware © Judy C. Ware 2009  Edmond, Oklahoma For more information on this line of the family, you can go to www.waregenealogy.com In researching … Continue reading

Josiah Ware – Hauntingly Graphic Civil War Letter transcribed by Judy C. Ware

          Transcription of a Hauntingly Graphic Civil War Letter                   written by: Mrs. Edmonia Jaquelin Ware                             © Judy C. Ware  2002     Original letter owned by James & Judy C. Ware  For more information on … Continue reading

Background Information on Civil War Compensation Notes by: Judy C. Ware

Background information for Civil War COMPENSATION LETTERS By: Judith C. Ware © September 2008 For more information concerning this line of the family you can go to www.waregenealogy.com Upcoming articles will contain information concerning Josiah Ware’s property in Clarke County that … Continue reading

A Short Biography of Josiah William Ware by Judy C. Ware

A brief overview of Josiah William Ware Owner of Springfield Plantation in Clarke Co. Virginia © Judy C. Ware 2010 Josiah William Ware was a descendant of the James Ware family that settled in Virginia in the early 1700’s.  His … Continue reading