Thomas Edwin Ware (1806 – 1873)

“Thomas Edwin Ware (1806-1873) was born to General Edmund Ware and Margaret “Peggy” Gaines. He was a prominent planter of Greenville District, and his papers represent an important source for local and state history. Ware owned and operated Ware Place … Continue reading

Mrs. A. A. Fredericks

“Ware.–I am the daughter of Georgie Ware Jackson May, born 1-7-1868, died 11-2-1932, and Thomas Wilson May. born 4-14-1859, died 11-21-1902, married 3-26-1889.  Georgie Ware Jackson May was the daughter of Mary Matthews Ware, born 9-13-1834, died 9-5-1897, and William … Continue reading