While we welcome comments and our members contributions we do have a few rules. Because the Internet has a lot of people who abuse publishing rights by spamming (Flooding web sites with advertisements most of which are scams) we have been forced to set up some rules for people to share their information here.

Rules for Commenting on existing Information.

We allow everyone to comment on just about anything they see on this site. If comments are permitted there will be space to comment at the bottom of the page you are viewing. Feel free to comment and say anything you wish we only require it be on topic of the page you are commenting on and you provide your name and email address. Once you submit your comment it will be sent to a moderator for approval and should appear shortly thereafter.

Rules for contributing new articles.

In order to prevent spamming we require that you be a registered user and be granted author status in order to contribute information to this site. You may register by completing the registration process after clicking on the register link on the login page or sidebar. Once registered you will be granted “Subscriber” User Status which will allow you to view other user information (Limitted) as well as enhanced communication capability with other users.

If you wish to publish information you can complete the User Upgrade form (visible when logged in as a valid user.) Once approved by an administrator your member status will be upgraded to author at which time you will be able to publish information directly.

If you are logged in as a valid registered user CLICK HERE to complete the User Upgrade Form.