The Pochantas Connection

As I began my genealogical research in the early 1990’s I had the information that we were related to Pochantas.  I told this to the head genealogist at the Dallas Public Library.  He simply smiled and said “Oh, really”     As I progressed on several lines I got that information again.

I had also heard in family tales that James Heath Miller Ware, born abt 1815,  and his wife Winifred E S Ware, (born about 1824) were first cousins.  The second was quickly agreed upon by the fellow Ware researchers.  John B Ware (born 27 Dec 1756 in Caroline Virginia) had twelve children—six sons and six daughters.  Two of his sons were John Miller Ware (born abt 1788 in Virginia) and Nicholas Miller Ware (born in May 1797).  James Heath Miller was the son of  John Miller and Mary Miller Ware and.  Winifred was the daughter of Nicholas Miller and Sarah E Thompson Ware.

Research was not easy to find on Sarah E Thompson.  She was born in Caroline Virginia about 1798 but died at an early age before 1827 in Madison, Alabama.  She produced only two children:  James Bolling Ware (1824-1860) and Winifred E S Ware who had married James Heath Miller Ware.

Sarah Thompson’s ancestry was much easier to locate.  Her parents were Rev David Thompson (born 1760 in Virginia and died in Giles, Tennessee) and Winifred Jones Eldridge (born 20 Feb 1776 in Goochland, Virginia).  I have nothing farther on David Thompson but Winifred Jones Eldridge was the daughter of Thomas Eldridge III (born about 1730 in Sussex Virginia, and died about 1822 in Madison, Alabama) and his wife Winifred Jones Miller (born 22 May 1734 in Goochland and died about 1767 in Virginia).

Thomas Eldridge’s father and grandfather were both Thomas Eldridge.  Thomas Eldridge I was born about 1685 in Jones Neck, Henrico, Virginia.   He is listed in  “American Genealogy-Biographic  Index (AGBI)” :  Thomas Eldridge, born 169?, VA, Gencolumn of “Boston Transcript” 20 May 1925, p. 2929  and in “Abstracts of Land Patents–Charles City county page 24, Thomas Eldridge “Early VA families along the James River; Their Deep and Tangled Branches, Vol II”

Thomas Eldridge II’s (born 4 Dec 1735) first wife was Martha Bolling (born 1713 and died 23 Oct 1749).   He and Martha had at least seven children (ages 2 or 3 to age 19) at the time of her death. His second wife was Elizabeth Jones who he married very soon after Martha’s death.  Thomas himself died about 1754.

Martha Bolling is the link to Pocahantas.      Martha’s father was Col John Bolling (born 27 Dec 1676, Charles City, Virginia and died 20 April 1729, Cobbs, Henrico, Virginia).  He was the son of Col Robert Bolling (born 26 December 1646, Barking Parish, London, England, died 17 June 1709, Prince George Virginia) and Jane Rolfe (born 10 Oct 1650 in Varina, Henrico, Virginia and died about 1676 in Charles City, Virginia).

Jane Rolfe Bolling is the daughter of Thomas Rolfe (born 30 Jan 1615 and died about 1675, Richmond, Virginia).  Thomas was the son of John Rolfe (born 1565, England and died about 1622) who married Pochantas 5 April 1615 in Jamestown Colony Virginia.  Thus I am part of the white descendants of Pochantas through the red Bollings

Much of the research was obtained in a communiqué  on the internet from Judge Frank Eldridge<eldridgf@appeals.courts.> 23 June 2000.  He quoted a paper prepared by his mother Leilia Venable Mason Eldridge in the 1930’s.  She was a writer of genealogy columns in the Atlanta Journal, The information was update by his sister Leila Eldridge D’Aiutolo and later supplemented by the Worldconnect project “Buchal to Younger and In between”  Eleanor Crespo <>

Helen J Wilson


The Pochantas Connection — 2 Comments

  1. I found your website while googling to David Thompson, husband of Winifred Jones Eldridge, whose sister Jane was my 5x great grandmother. I am trying to identify the various “cousin” marriages that occurred among the several families that migrated from Virginia to Madison Co, Alabama in the early 1800’s. If you are not a member of Ancestry, I will be glad to issue a visitor invitation.

    Grady Lloyd

  2. Great Job!!! Helen, you might want to contact another one of our members, Betty Fitzgerald. I had heard she was interested in the Pochantas connection.

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