Reuben Barnes Ware

Reuben Barnes Ware, M.D., was a country doctor in Amherst County, Virginia back in the days when doctors made house calls. One day his took his young grandson along with him as he made his rounds. After several stops they stopped for lunch in a tavern, Doctor Ware had beer with his lunch and gave his grandson a small glass of it.
After lunch they set out to see the next patient but in passing a churchyard noticed a funeral in progress. “We need to stop and pay our respects” the doctor said. As they neared the grave, the grandson felt the effects of his first glass of beer, reeled a bit and fell into the open grave. After profuse apologies they headed home.
“Boy” said Doctor Ware, if you tell your Grandmother about this, I will have to kill you”!


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  1. Dear Mrs. Vicki Cheeseman,

    Thank you for all your Ware and care.

    Regards and Love to the families,

    Jonathan Robert De Mallie

    All Virgininans by love, marriage and/or kinship are the best, IMHO, Worldwide.

  2. Dr. Reuben B. Ware was my grandfather, though I wasn’t the grandson in the anecdote. Dr. Ware graduated from the Medical College of Virginia in 1895, served as a delegate from Amherst County in the Virginia House of Delegates in 1901. One of his sons, my father, Dr. Robert Barnes Ware also graduated from MCV, served as Batallion Surgeon in the 29th Division, was killed in one of the first waves landing at Omaha Beach on D-Day, and is buried in the Normandy-American Cemetery in France, overlooking the beachhead.

    Robert Barnes Ware, Jr.

  3. Delighted to have more Ware cousins. I am contacting them now. Once again the great value of this site in bringing us together is demonstated. Thanks Vicki!

  4. I’m the oldest sister of Sharla and just finding out I was delivered by my great-grandfather!

  5. That was my uncle Wiliam F Ware who drank with Dr Reuben Ware (his Grandfather) my mothe is Evelyn Ware-she had 4 of us and the first two were delivered by Dr Ware..My mom said it was crazy to have her grandfather bringing her babies in the world!

  6. What a great article. I’m sure that grandson will ALWAYS remember his first drink! Thanks for sharing,

  7. A bit of humor in the Ware family line. A great article that seemed to have started a trend of teenage drinking that has been carried on ever since. I just had to say that. Thank you for this bit of family information Joseph.

    C. Wayne Ware
    Cedar Falls, IA

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