Laying in bed the other night and, being restless, got to thinking on the trips we made when we were researching our ancestors.

Our visit to my cousin Zookie in Contraption, KY. came to mind right off.

You might think “Zookie” is a strange name, and you’d be right. However, a quick look into the situation reveals that her real given name is Sue Katherine. This was shortened over the years to “Suekay.”

This then slurred into “Zookie.”

The whole thing came about due to the fact that another distant relative, living a couple of “hollers” over was named Sue Catherine. This, over time, became  “Soozie.”

Anyway, nobody knows how Contraption got it’s name, and nobody knows how many folks live there, mainly ‘cause nobody there can count higher than twenty!

Zookie and hubby, Rufe, short for Rufus, live on a plot of land fit only for raising kids and turnips, the latter being the better quality crop. Should that plot suddenly disappear the rest of the world would fall into the remaining void.

Of all of Zookie’s offspring, of which I lost count of during the telling,  son Abe, so called on account of his facial features upon his birth, was the most interesting.

Abe was a tall lanky, red haired kid of twenty three or so and not at home at the time of our calling.

Zookie told us that Abe had a “craving” for a young girl over the hill “a ways” and had gone to get “cozy’’ with her.

(Her name, oddly enough, was Delilah Footsoar. She claims connections to the Blackfoot tribe.)

Naturally everybody called her “Dillie”. Never having met the lass I can only imagine.

About an hour into our visit, Abe came roaring up in his pickup truck,  just screaming and hollering!

He jumped out of the truck, ran into the house holding both hands over his rear end, and just moaning and groaning!

Zookie finally got him calmed down enough to tell what happened.

Seems he went to Dillie’s and was trying to get cozy when her Pa came out, saw what was going on, went back into the house, came out with a shotgun and peppered Abe’s rear end with a load of rock salt!

Everybody knows what happens when you get salt in a wound. Kinda smarts, don’t it?

Zookie wasn’t upset so much about Abe’s sore behind as she was about the fact that the  whole rear end of Abe’s best pair of bib overalls was in tatters! This wasn’t the first time Abe and Dillies Pa had exceptions. A month or so ago, Zookie says, Abe tried to get cozy with Dillie and her Pa set his hounds onto Abe. Those hounds were mean dogs. One named Leroy and the other Roscoe P Coletrain after the man on “Dukes of Hazzard”. Leroy and Roscoe makes those mean junk yard dogs you hear about, look like Mother Teresa!

Those dogs tore both legs off Abe’s bib overalls just while he was trying to get in the truck!

Zookie said she hopes Abe gives up on trying to get cozy with Dillie as bib overalls are getting too expensive!

I’ve often wondered, over the years, if Abe ever did get cozy with Dillie, and if so what was the outcome.





  1. Ray, I nearly fell out of my chair reading this I was laughing so hard. What an experience! I hope you have many more of these experiences to write about. Bless you,


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