John Ware, of Fluvanna Va.

John Ware (c1736/7-1801)

John Ware was one of the first permanent inhabitants of the Seven Isles
area. He came to the area in the mid 1750s after receiving some riverfront
land from his father’s Will in 1741 (1). After arriving in the area he
bought up more of the surrounding lands and eventually his landholdings
covered three miles of rich riverfront property. Besides farming his vast
lands Mr. Ware also built at least two grist mills in the area; along
Rockfish Creek and the other at the site of the future Middleton Mills at
Shores (1). Mr. Ware was also very involved with his community as were most
wealthy citizens of the day. Before Fluvanna was created in 1777, Mr. Ware
was a judge in Albemarle County. After the formation of Fluvanna County
Mr. Ware became a member of the new county’s first court of justices (1).
He was an active member of his church, serving as a Vestryman. John Ware
also had five known children: Ulysses, Washington, John, Polly and Peter.
When he died around 1801, John left his land to his children who held on
to it for a few years before selling most of it off around 1810 (1).
Before passing away John sold a large portion of his land (700 + acres)
between The Hardware River and Brickyard Branch (Little Rockfish Creek) to
a man by the name of Thomas Shores Junior in 1793 (1). After John Ware had
died, Thomas Shores Jr. bought more of John’s land from John’s children.
An interesting bit of info is that by the time John’s daughter Polly died
in 1817, she wrote an interesting note in her Will stating that Thomas
Shores still owed her family some $6,000 dollars from the land he had
purchased from them! By 1822 all of John Ware’s original land holdings
along the James had been sold out of the family and new families prospered
on them.
According to the register of St. James Northam Parish, Goochland Co. VA.,
John Ware, of Manikin Township, and Mary Watson of Henrico Co., married on
6 Apr 1762.

30 April 1777 on the recommendation of the County Court of Albemarle, it
is ordered that a commission issue appointing JOHN WARE sheriff of the said
county p. 401 from Journals of the Council of the State of Virginia.

22 Aug. 1777 the Lieutenant Governor issued a Commission of the Peace for
Fluvanna County and added thereto all those who were recommended?also a
commission appointing JOHN WARE Coroner for said county. P. 472 of the
above reference. On page 497 it indicates that John Ware resigned by
Friday Sept. 26, 1777.

301 20 Jul 1780 CGB E p193-19 John Ware Assignee of John P 254a Fluvanna
County formerly Albemarle on the N Side of Hard

P. 481, Oct. 27, 1785 indicates that Peter Henry Ware? appointed surveyor
of the county of Fluvanna. Journals of The Council of the State of

1790 Personal Property Tax List for Fluvanna Co. VA
May 6, 1790 Peter H. Ware-1 white male in household over 21
May 6, 1790 John Ware-1 white male in household over 21

Will of John Ware of Fluvanna Co., sick and weak? tract of land known as
Fork Ordinary may be sold and applied to discharging a debt due the
Commonwealth?land lying in Buckingham which is in dispute (and a suit in
chancery now pending between myself and Robert Cary)? sons: Washington
Ware, Ulysses Ware, John Ware, daughter: Polly Ware?tract of land known as
SEVEN ISLANDS whereon I now live. Exors: Sons Washington and Ulysses?
Made 10 August 1801, Witness: John Miller, Samuel Glass Signed/ John
Ware. 8 Sept. 1801 produced in court Peter Henry Ware, Security Fluvanna
WB 1: 223.


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  1. Do you have a copy of Polly Ware’s will as well as any information on her?

  2. Is there any evidence that John Ware of Albemarle/Fluvanna counties, VA is related to the Ware family of Somerset county, NJ.

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