A year or so ago, we were doing our thing, in a rural courthouse, trying to find a link between a pair of brothers connected to a distant relative.

There were two other people in the room, also deep in pursuit of information regarding, who only knows what, when one of the gentlemen slammed his book closed, jumped up and made a comment, that I took to be, about the Hoover Dam.

As he was replacing his book in it’s proper place, as you are supposed to do, he said, to no one in particular, “I thought I had him! All this time wasted!”

Since everyone’s thought process had been severely disturbed, the conversation began regarding this gentleman’s problem.

It turns out this gentleman, Mr. Alvin Lockman, was trying to connect to an ancestor that was a fishmonger from old Brighton, England.

The gentleman in question, Herbert Lockman, it seems, married a lady, Heather Medford, a scullery maid, who worked at the Blue Boar pub.

This union apparently produced several children, among which were two sons. Both came to the Virginia Colony abt 1640 or so.

Mr. Alvin Lockman says he had no problem connecting to the two Virginia Lockmans, but could not, in any way, find the father of Herbert Lockman.

Alvin, if I may, has been trying for years to find the father of Herbert Lockman. Alvin says he is greatly disappointed that he has not been able to connect to any kind of nobility, barons, knights, dukes or whatever.

I told Alvin that there must be some mistake, as everyone came from some noble or other. Besides, Sir Herbert, Duke of Lockman, sounds proper enough, why not go with that?

Alvin thought for a minute, turned and said, “Of course, Duke and Duchess of Lockman! Oh, I feel so much better now. I can rest easier knowing I began in a high place!”

He left with a smile like sunshine. I was so glad I could be of some help to a

fellow researcher.

Everyone in the room got back to work,—quietly!




  1. One person’s cool head and well thoughgt out reponse can make the day all worth while. Great story Ray. I loved every word of it. Have a safe and happy weekend. God Bless.

    Wayne Ware
    Cedar Falls, IA

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