Imboden – Letter from John Daniel Imboden 1859 – prior to the Civil War


 Transcribed & researched by Judith C. Ware

 January 2009


  Staunton   December 29, 1859

Colonel J.W. Ware

Dear Sir:

Pressing engagements, together with a somewhat protracted absence from home, have prevented me from replying sooner to your letter of the 6th instant (of this month)

I have examined very carefully the matters set forth in the printed petition you sent me, and take pleasure in saying that I concur fully in the views there presented.  I have read the paper to Mr. Stuart, our Senator, and to two of our Delegates and have enlisted their friendly cooperation and support. 

On Saturday, the 31st instant (of this month), there is to be a meeting of the officers of all the Volunteer Companies in this county, assembled at my instance to take steps for the formation of a Volunteer Regiment.  We have in this county now four infantry, three cavalry, one rifle and one artillery company, organized and uniformed or uniforming.  They are very large companies—the smallest numbering over 60 men and the largest (my own Artillery) 84.  I will endeavor to get the signatures of all these officers to the petition you sent and hand it to Mr. Stuart who is now here.  During my recent visit to Richmond I became satisfied from intercourse with members of the Legislature and with Governor Wise that our peculiar arm of the service—the artillery—and also the cavalry, will be put on a better footing this winter than they have ever occupied.  I took the liberty of reading your letter to several gentlemen as containing, what seemed to me, answerable reasons for placing us on a footing equal with the infantry of the line, in respect to Regiments, Brigades, and Divisions. 

But I need not discuss these matters.  I repeat my concurrence of opinion with you and my willingness to assist as far as possible in attaining the end in view.

Very respectfully,

 J.D. Imboden

Letter from John Daniel Imboden

Original Letter from John Daniel Imboden

Imboden letter

2nd page of original Imboden letter to Josiah Ware

***I would like to thank Jane & Scott Dudgeon for allowing me to copy & transcribe this letter for my historical research.  I am deeply grateful.

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