Last Thursday,  I believe it was, I had need to make a phone call to a large corporation. That experience brought to mind a visit, of some time ago, to Contraption, Ky. Where beautiful wooded vistas abound.

We happened to be there when the county fair was in progress.

One of the displays was a divided wire pen containing a big red rooster. Also lining one side of the pen, was a row of colored buttons. Black, red, blue, green, and yellow.

When the man let the rooster into the side with the buttons, the rooster would strut down the line of buttons, check them out, and peck on one of them.

If the rooster pecked the right colored button, a kernel of corn would drop into the pen with the rooster. The rooster would let go a mighty crow as if to say, “Ah ha, Gottcha!”

It was much like what I said, when I finally got the party I was trying to call.

You all know what I mean, the computerized thingy-do finally kicks in, and you get a bucket full of options, instead of colored buttons, you get numbers.

After you decide which option comes closest to your problem, they never seem to hit it on the nose, you get a couple of rounds of what passes, these days, for music.

It’s at this point that I scream, “For Pete’s sake, drop the corn, already!”

Oh, well. I suppose all this is progress and I’ll just have to accept it!

I can’t help it though, when I pick up the phone to call, I can’t help feeling like the rooster.  Will I get the kernel, or the cob?

I suppose either is better than getting shucked!





  1. We’ve all been through this exact same experience in trying to get answers or information. You get bounced around like a rubber ball. I think they are actually trying to get you to give up and hang up the phone. Well put and the next time I try this, I’ll yell: “For Pete’s sake…drop the corn”…Good to hear from you again Ray. Enjoy the humorous touch to everyday problems.


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