A Fond Tribute to Our Ware Women

Several of we Ware men were discussing our disappointment that so many of our cousins have little or no interest in genealogy, the DNA breakthroughs and the (to us) fascinating history of our family.

But then we thought of something that more than offsets the negativism of some  and that is the enthusiasm and hard work of others, particularly of our Ware women. It terms of research and communication they are our leaders.

Vicki ,who works so hard to provide us with this wonderful blog is a good example. This is our forum, our opportunity to talk to one another and pass on the stories that remind us that our ancestors were much more than vital statistics, they lived, loved and left memories that deserve to be preserved.

Vicki spends many hours making this work for us.

Many of us who have immersed ourselves in genealogy have probably thought at one time or another that we should turn our research into a book. Wanda (Jeanie) Degidio has done that and what a superb job of it she did.

In addition she gives us the Ware web page for easy reference and is the Administrator for the Ware DNA Project.

Then there is Judy Ware, dare I say our best researcher, and I hope that doesn’t hurt the feeling of other good ones but Judy sets a professional standard to which we all should aspire. A book from Judy is definitely on the horizon and one of which we all will be proud.

Two more of my favorite Ware women came to us from similar situations. Marsha Montieri and Janet Kaylo were born to Ware fathers who passed away when they were very young. Their mothers remarried and their names were changed. Later, as adults they each decided to make contact with their father’s family. Marsha chose the internet and Janet prevailed on her brother to submit a DNA sample. In both cases they were successful in establishing contact and are now enthusiastic Ware researchers. Marsha has traveled from her home in Massachusetts to the ancestral home in Virginia many times and Janet has traveled from Texas to Georgia and South Carolina for family research. Both will tell you that its not just the records they seek but also the feeling one gets from being there and experiencing that sense of contact that is so rewarding.

My only hesitation in submitting this missile is the knowledge that I have no doubt omitted many other Ware women deserving of praise. I call on you other Ware men out there to make up for my omissions which you can do by identifying other Ware women who are making significant contributions.

Joe Ware


A Fond Tribute to Our Ware Women — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Joe! What a wonderful genealogy ambassador you are, and the perfect Ware gentleman to usher long-lost Wares like myself and my siblings into the fold.

  2. Golly, I’m blushing! Thank you, Joe, so very much for the super kind words! I am humbled and sincerely grateful. You’ve made my whole year!!
    With any luck, this book will be ready to post in the next few weeks – thanks to the wonderful support and encouragement of sweet people like you!

  3. Joe, This tribute to the Ware women has long been overdue. Thank you for writing it. I, for one, am greatly thankful for their dedication, hard work and sacrifices to make our Ware heritage possible and sharing it with us all. So, thank you Ware women, wherever you are, for you are truly to be honored.

  4. Vicki does a great job with this web site but it is not necessary to donate to this site since it is essentially free. I host the site on my hosting account along with several other personal web sites and there is no expense involved. Vicki does the research and the work she does purely for the pleasure of research. In addition I actually manage an Internet Hosting Company so such services literally are unlimitted for me.
    The contribution she wants most is the sharing of information on this site. 😉

  5. AMEN!!!!

    Thank you, Joe for reminding us how much they do for us, Especially Vicki for all she does in “Connecting” all of us Ware descendants!

    She would never ask for any financial help in keeping this work going, but I for one am going to send her a long-over-due donation on what she has spent personally to make what we all enjoy available to us.

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