Old Age Is A State Of Mind


If you still have one after all those years.

Raymond Martin Ware

22 September 1924—

Folks are always asking how old I am. I have often wondered is it because I don’t LOOK my age, or is it because I, sometimes, don’t ACT my age.

A young fellow at church asked me, one time, about my age, I told him 86.  He said, “Oh, An octogenarian?” I replied, “Oh no, I still like a good steak once in awhile!” An old vaudeville line, new to him. He didn’t get it.

My gracious and lovely wife used to tell me, “Dern it, Raymond, grow up!”  or, “Act your age, Raymond, dern it!” I do wonder sometimes about it.  It was one of her favorite comebacks. Bless her heart. It was always with a grin, though.

My most recent medical checkup, found that all my internal plumbing was in excellent shape, but my motoring parts,  so to speak, in bad need of lubrication. I don’t move around like I was nineteen any more. But that’s all right. I learned early on, that people that go like 60, when they are only 20, get to 40 the quickest!

I had snow white hair by the time I was thirty. All three of my sons went the same way. White hair is not caused as much by stress, as it is by worrying about having white hair. Worry causes all sorts of complication to the spirit.  You shouldn’t do it. Have concern, of course. But don’t worry.  Today’s happiness was yesterday’s worry. Not my line, I read it somewhere.

I am fortunate to be from good solid Ware stock, seasoned with a little German-Irish work ethic, and salted with a helping of good old Kentucky pioneer spirit.

With roots like that, you have to be a winner!  Goin’ for ninety! Let’s go!

Oh! An active sense of humor is a prime requisite!!




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  1. Another great article Ray. I really look forward to reading your rendition of everyday happenings. My brother’s hair turned snow white at about age 40. he’s now 73 and seems to have every hair on his head that he always had, course and wiry. I can’t say that!


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