Recent innovations in the field of genealogy have been astounding!

Computers are making keeping records easier by the day.

My Lovely and Gracious and I, happened to be in a Radio Shack store one day, asking about something other than genealogy, when the clerk mentioned that he was doing his family research using a program called Brother’s Keeper.  That started the whole thing.  It has been a trip.

It is so simple, just basic information, unlike some others that want you to document every thing from shoe size to dental records.

Now they have a research deal call the DNA Project.

I know very little about it, but I am told, that if used properly, and a base line can be established, you might be able to connect to the Pharos of Egypt.

Does this mean I might actually be related to Cincinnaticus Ware, (218-158 BC)?  Man, what a thought!

Allowing 20 years per generation, Old Ciny would be my 1114th g-grandfather give or take a few!

Even at 25 years per generation, he would be my 90th g-grandfather!  Wow!

Can you imagine the number of great, and not so great, Wares I could be related to?  The Kings, Dukes, Knights, and the like!  Mind boggling!

I can imagine the brothers, Richard and John Ware, that fought for years over their kingdom, only to have cousin, Robin Ware, that lived in the hood, and with the aid of his side-kick, the Knight of Sheriffingham, settle the dispute.

I might even be related to the great wanderer, Chris.  He wanted to get away from it all, and ended up on a beach in the Caribbean, after surviving the Bermuda Triangle!  You remember Chris, who brought all the world’s plagues and diseases to an otherwise sterile civilization?

And the great soldier, General Hardwick Ware, who upon retirement, pioneered in the building supply trade!

The great inventors and entrepreneurs.  As the man that invented the greatest improvement in kitchen ware, the cast iron skillet.  I think his name was Wagner.  Oh!  There are so many!  So many!

Imagination is a wonderful asset for “getting away”!  It’s better than booze!

No hangover!

RW   9/9/10


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  1. Great article Ray. One day, we will all be able to track our ancestors all the way back to Adam & Eve. Boggles my mind. Thanks Ray,


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