The REAL story behind the story.

It was a cold, rainy-snowy day in November, some years ago, as I was driving home from work. The road was slick in spots, so I was going rather slow.

As I rounded a curve, I caught sight of a little sandy colored, pup, sitting beside the road, obviously having been dropped. The poor thing was severely shaking from the cold, and was dripping wet. She appeared to be of Cocker extraction.

Oh, how my heart went out to the poor little thing, but it was all I could do to take care of the two dogs we already had.

I drove on!

The sight of that poor puppy, quivering in the cold, has haunted me to this day!

A sentimental old fool? Perhaps.


I met her one day, while on my way,

To the grocery to get some supplies.

When there by the road, sat a fuzzy li’l load,

Where someone had left her to die.


I picked the thing up, this shaking little pup,

Only four pounds of trembling fur.

My heart quickened pace, when I saw her sad face,

And I realized she’s a worthless little cur!


But I took the thing home, fished out a comb,

And brushed out her entangled fur.

When she licked on my nose, I knew we were close.

She had stolen my heart, this cur!


To hedge on my bet, we checked with the Vet,

And all was as it should be

So we  started out new, like new friends do,

This worthless little cur and me.


We got along fine, with the passage of time,

And we knew what each other thought.

She  liked to play “Fetch,” while I tried to catch,

And keep up with her toys that I’d bought!


When we walked in the woods, I’d do all I could,

To keep up with her romping and play.

I’d watch evening TV, and tap on my knee,

She’d jump in my lap and just lay.


As my friend got older, she grew less bolder,

And I could tell she was showing her age.

We would lay on my bed, as I stroked her head,

And I saddened as life turned a page.


A trip to the vet, shows little time yet,

As my friend was nearing her end.

T‘was arthritis she had, and her eyes going bad.

He said, “You know you are losing your friend!”


It’s terribly sad, but a choice must be had,

But her suffering, too serious to mend!

My heart felt the sting, when the vet did his thing,

As I held her so tight till the end!


I took my friend home, fished out that comb,

And combed down her lustrous fur.

As I remembered the years, yes, I did drop some tears,

As I buried my worthless little cur!


She’s buried under a tree, where I can always see,

And remember that four pounds of fur

I’ll always remember, that day in November

When I found that worthless, little cur!


My greatest pleasure, by any measure,

When in heaven, I find that ball of fur.

She’ll play fetch, and I’ll play catch,

We’ll be together, me and my worthless little cur!









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