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I became involved in genealogy when my Lovely and Gracious decided to trace her beginnings.  I was not particularly interested in my line at the time, but went along to do the “leg work” for her.  It wasn’t long before the bug bit me, and away we go.

I found right quick that genealogy is not by any means, an absolute, positive, mathematical type undertaking.  No sir!  I ws reminded of the spider’s web saying, “Oh, what a web we weave!”

Like everyone else, I started with myself, then to my parents, then on back through the ages, hoping to find the beginning, the vary first WARE, the “HE coon of all WARES!”

First I got lost in a string of Iverson’s, a Reuben or two, then a line of James’, followed in close order with at least six Nicholas’.  I’ll never be sure which one is on my strand of the web, but they were some real neat duded with the Nicholas Ware name.

Most of the following I picked up here, there and yonder and did not document.  Be advised, this is not gospel, just sorry genealogy.

One I remember most is the Nicholas that went into the tobacco/cotton trade with a gentleman from the Garrett clan.  The Garretts and the Wares go way back to early England.  These two gents are believed to have armed/outfitted two merchant ships to sail against the Spanish Armada.  There is no record of either having any part in the action.

I would rather believe the Armada thing was between these guy’s fathers.

The Garrett descendants of this gentleman all ended up in a long bitter legal fight over the family spoils, as so recorded in English courts of the time.

Another Nicholas descendant was a large plantation owner in Georgia.  Still trading in tobacco, cotton and politics.

This Nicholas was mayor of Augusts, GA, 1819-1821, when he was elected U.S. Senator serving from 1821 till his death, while on a visit to New York City, in 1824.

Ware County, Georgia, formed 1824, was named for him.  Waycross, GA,county seat.

The Great Okefenokee Swamp is located there, and is now part of the US Park system.

So manyNicholas’, so many stories.

I attended a high school football game at Bowden, GA, not long ago, and listed on the program was, yes, Nicholas Ware Jr.

We, Lovely and I, have traveled all over the US and parts of Canada, and a very brief trip to Mexico, but where I’d really like to go is Barbados.

I want to stand on the docks at Bridgeport, and imagine the tall ships loading cargo headed for ports unknown.  I want to watch the dock hands as they carry loads up the planks, roll the tobacco barrels across the deck and hoist the aboard, while the cargo master calls out instructions to the hands in a language only they understand.

I want to imagine Nicholas Ware, Mr. Garrett, and myself, in dress of the day calculating the value, as well as risk, to the shipment, while watching the ships make ready to sail.  I want to hear ships rigging creak and groan as she rides in the by while at the pier.  Listen to the ships bells as they ring out the time.

Wake up Raymond, that not ships ringing, it’s the darn telephone ringing!

Oh, shoot!  And I was about to go to sea with them!

Just answer the phone and tell ’em what for!

Darn it!!




Those Nicholas Wares — 5 Comments

  1. 😀 Ray, loved your humor and light touch. Its fitting for an avocation that is hard work sometimes but also a lot of fun! Hope to hear more from you

  2. I stand corrected.
    Yes, it was the Vassall family that had the Barbados plantatiuon, not the Garretts.Here again, too many Nicholas’.
    And I would proudly stand on the dock with Mr. Vassall if I could.
    Thanks for the correcttion.’

  3. Great job of searcing Ray. Yes, all those WARE’s with the same Christian name is very difficult to separate from one another. Also, the James, Johns and many more. Thank you Ray for a wonderful and interesting post. God Bless,


  4. I love it!! Thank you! I know the feeling chasing a Nicholas! Tis a job one must love to do!


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