Revolt at the Ware House!

Oh, my and mercy me!  I have a dysfunctional family in my house!

After I went through my regular AM routine, had my “Good to the last drop,” (it was good, too) coffee, I fired up the computer with intent if scanning some pix into a file.

That’s when the fight started.

The scanner, got cranky, and didn’t want to scan properly, and let it be known that it was fed up with pushing papers all the time.  “If it ain’t scanning, it’s copy this or that, print this for me, now!  Push papers, that’s all I do, enough, a’ready!”


About this time the monitor piped in, ” Yes, all I get is the trash paper you push off on me.  I’m not gonna take it anymore!  I’ve had enough, I’ve haddit!  Haddit to here! and those so called, ”poems and stories,” give me a break!”


The printer started calling the monitor!  “Listen, sister, you aint nothin’ but a showoff!  You just stand there, tall and proud, where everybody can see, and show off every thing ya get!”


The tower chimed in with, “Hey, you two!  If you don’t pipe down and get to work, I’ll shut you both down, ya hear?  We got work to do, so let’s get on with it!  And enough with the name calling!”


Not to be left out, Mr. Mouse put in his two cents!  “Hey, you guys, Listen up, none of you could do anything unless I tell you to!  That goes for you, too, Mr. Brainy Box!”


About that time the monitor went dark and refused to restart!  Miss Monitor went into a snit!

I had a revolt on my hands!  After two hours of checking cables, connections, and anything else I could think of, I pulled the plug, and made ready to replace the ”Showoff!” monitor.


Before I leave for Best Buy, I decide to try one more time.

Guess what!  She came alive!  For about three minutes, and left again.  After several attempts, with the same result, I knew replacement was at hand!


I told her, before I went out the door, ”The squeaky wheel may get the most grease, but to really quiet the noise, replace the wheel, and save the grease!”  So, after thirty-two miles up, A Big Mac, and chocolate shake lunch at McDonald’s, thirty-two miles back with her replacement, I let it be known that there will be some changes made!


“No more tempermental pre-Maddona’s in my house!”  I directed to all!

After changing into my “Take it easy” clothes, I put the new monitor on the table next to my, ”laboratory” (so called because of the weird things coming from there,) and started to open the box.  But first, I decided to make one last try at re-conciliation.

I plugged everything in again, started the computer tower, and the d—ed monitor came on and has stayed on the rest of the day!  Still is!


The printer told the monitor, “See, I told you not to mess with the boss.  He can replace you in a heartbeat.  We’re not union here, sister, just do your job and behave yourself and all will be well!”

”Oh, shut up, you started it!” came the retort from Ms. Monitor.


After a good tongue lashing to the ”kids” we all kissed and made up!

Then, after a round of apologies among the combatants, with hugs and kisses, we all got back to work.

A ”Holy War” had been averted!


I think I’ll keep the extra monitor, just in case she gets wormy again!

Besides, sixty four miles, in one day is enough, AND still have to deal with exchange?  NO, THANKS!







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  1. Ah, the frustrations of owning a computer as clearly indicated here in this messsage. Great play by play Ray. I’m sure all of us can relate to this at one time or another. Thanks.


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