I was busy cleaning book shelves the other night and an item I had read some time ago, but had forgotten, suddenly came to mind.

It came from an item, very well referenced, I read while researching in the HCPD library in WV.  Google HCPD for more information on that organization.  Neat genealogical research outfit for folks with WV roots.  More on that later, perhaps.

The item had to do with a law suit held in colonial VA, 1700’s regarding Henry Ware, book seller vs Jeremiah Weeks.

Mr. Ware and Mr. Weeks had been doing business with each other, a number of years, when Mr. Weeks became sadly arrears in payments for services rendered to him by Mr. Ware.

After a long period of negotiations failed, Mr. Ware had no choice but to sue for back payments.

The item goes on to indicate that judgment was in favor of Mr. Ware, but since the ruling was handed down in a mater of minutes, Mr. Weeks accused Mr. Ware of buying off the judge, and thus began a bitter, long feud between the parties.

Now, for a bit of irony, let’s fast forward to 1968, Daytona Beacl, FL.

Edward Ware, son of yours truly, took the hand of Yvonne Weeks in matrimony.

There ar a lot of Henry Wares on Edward’s tree, that may well qualify to be the Henry Ware in the item, however there is very little known regarding the Weeks line.

Just for funzies, let’s suppose there IS a possibility of a link to Jeremiah.

What do you suppose old Henry and Jeremiah would think about this marriage?

I would hope they have gotten over theri fued by now, after about 150 years, and their spirits would give blessing to this union.

What’s that about coming round?


Now, if I could only remember the name of the quarterly publication!

It had a brown, heavy paper cover, and it was about the size of a Reader’s Digest,without ads.  Really small.





WARE vs WEEKS — 2 Comments

  1. I’ll have to remember this the next time we have a family “disagreement”.
    I guess it’s in the genes.
    Thanks pop.

  2. Sounds like the Hatfields and McCoys refurfaced under the names WARE/WEEKS. Great article Ray. Your articles remain humorous and interesting. Love it.


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