We have all been, at one time or another, with a tour group, or such, with one member always asking the same questions that were answered ten times already. Don’t you want to choke the daylights out of them? Enough with the questions a’ready, let’s move on!

That’s not bad enough, there’s the know-it-all type. She’s the lady that keeps telling her friend all about everything, while the guide is desperately trying to be heard over her comments. I love this type, because given time, she will step in it.

Niagara Falls, 1970 or ’71. Precious and I watching the colored lights play over the falls, beautiful sight!

There happened to be a lady and her companion, standing by the rail, about arms length or so from me. That pair, my wife and I were the only persons in the vicinity.

The lady was telling her companion all the details about this wonderful fact of nature, when I heard her say something to the fact that, due to the energy crisis, will they turn off the lights during the night.

I couldn’t help myself, but turned to the lady and mentioned that they indeed do turn out the lights and it was almost that time. I indicated that the Park Ranger should be along anytime to ask visitors to leave for the night. Then turning to my wife, asked the time. 11PM, yes time to go.

I added that the Park was into water conservation also, so the falls would be shut off till dawn tomorrow morning.

Her jaw dropped like a rock!

“Is that so?” she asked in a trance of bewilderment!

I went on to explain about the Goat Island Control Station, and how the falls were controlled from there.

I went on to tell her about the Blessing of the Waters Ceremony, held on the Hurricane Deck, each morning as the falls are turned on again. Something every visitor to the falls should witness. I let it be known that the ceremony is held each morning at 5:30 sharp, and you have to be early to get a good seat.

They walked off titthering about being sure to catch the ceremony the next morning.

About the time they were out of earshot, my Loving and Gracious gave me an elbow in the ribs, along with, “Raymond Ware, you should be ashamed of yourself!”  About to go into hysterics, “Yeah, don’tcha just love it, heeheehee!”

RW   4/16/11





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  1. Good one Ray. Sooner or later, they all run out of rope and hang themselves. Good for you.


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