Over the past weeks, I have been preparing a shipment of genealogical material, to send to the library in Horner, WV,  This is material related to my gracious and loving wife’s relatives from that area.

There is a lot of personal letters, e-mail, and other correspondence that I want to clear before it goes.

To send it all at one time would take a U-Haul and a crew to load and unload.  She threw nothing away, bless her heart.  15+ years accumulation.

Last night I found, on the back of a page listing the pedigree of a relative, a very interesting item, as she often used the backs of other papers to make notes, etc.

An article titled,

”Early Adventures on the Western Waters,” Vol. 1, pg 71/Kegley Chapter VI, titled, ”Bounty Land for Service in the French and Indian War.”  Sub title, ”Military Surveys.”

All this had to do with land on the Ohio River, its tributaries, including he Kentucky, Beargrass, and Elkhorn rivers.

The soldiers listed were from a regiment known as the Earl of Dunmore.

I’ll get right to the interesting part, and list some of the names receiving land under this 1763 proclamation, and the land they received.

Land was allotted by rank, officers receiving the better amount.

Scanning the list I see, Col. George Washington, assignee of Rev’d Mr. Charles Myn Thurston, Lieut, in Va. Regt., 2000 acres; JOHN WARE, 1000 and 1,000 acres;.

I read this to mean G. Washington was assignee of John, two parcels of 1000 acres each.  If so , John must have been and officer of rank to receive 2000 acres.

Reading on, I find as assignees, Alexander Spotswood, Patrick Henry, William Russell, and Samuel Meridth, among others.

William Russell, early Ky explorer; Meredith early patriot, as Patrick Henry.  I think I read somewhere that the Spotswoods and Henrys were related.

Further in the item we find Patrick Henry as assignee to JOHN WARE, 1000acres.  I wonder, is this the same JOHN WARE mentioned earlier?  If so, our John made out quite well, don’t you think?

I would have lived to have read more on this, but the page was torn off a few lines after the bit about Patrick Henry and John.

One other thing about this, what kind of a name is Myn?






  1. The only Myn that I could find was
    Myn Donos, an X-wing pilot in Star Wars.

  2. Excellent article Ray. I have maintained a family tree record of the early WARE’s from Virginia and I recognize most of the names listed in your post expecially Spotswood who married into the WARE family.


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