WARE, administrator, vs. MARTIN.

                   Supreme Court of Georgia, 1951



Mrs. Tinie Keeter Martin, brought suit vs. Walter N. Ware, alleging neglect in settling the estate of C. E. Keeter.

Mrs. Martin, it turns out, had been adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Keeter, when she was but two years old.

Mr. Keeter’s total estate, personal as well as landed property,  estimated to be in excess of $100,000.

Walter N. Ware was appointed administrator, and is acting as such.

Mr. Keeter, in his will, names his “sole and only heirs at law,”

Mrs. C. E. Keeter, his widow, Mrs. Gladice Keeter Ware, daughter by his first wife, (and the wife of  Walter Ware, administrator), Mrs. Tinie Keeter Martin, (the adopted daughter).

Mrs. Martin alleges that Ware has completely ignored her, as a legitimate heir, and as such, she is entitled to one third of the estate, as she was named in the will, as an heir at law.

Mrs. Martin produced the adoption papers signed by both Mr. and Mrs. Keeter, legally accepting the responsibilities relating to the raising of the child. Martin’s birth mother also signed away any rights, or responsibilities relating to the child.

After citing precedents, various codes, etc, the court found in favor of Mrs. Martin.

The court ruled that since Martin was specifically named, she became an heir, by law, therefore entitled to any and all benefits therein afforded.

There was no mention of what, if any, financial settlement between Martin and the estate, actually occurred.



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  1. No one pays any attention to anyone until there’s money involved. Then your door becomes a “rap” session… Good post Ray.

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