Alderman Woor

A.D. 800. This year was the moon eclipsed, at eight in the
evening, on the seventeenth day before the calends of February;
and soon after died King Bertric and Alderman Worr. Egbert
succeeded to the West-Saxon kingdom; and the same day Ethelmund,
alderman of the Wiccians, rode over the Thames at Kempsford;
where he was met by Alderman Woxtan, with the men of Wiltshire,
and a terrible conflict ensued, in which both the commanders were
slain, but the men of Wiltshire obtained the victory.

The King & Alderman Worr was poisoned by the Kings wife, she was exiled to a French convent.


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  1. I’m new to this site and this is the most fascinating and fun piece I’ve read. Being a relative novice at my family’s genealogy, this is inspiring. I’d love to get back this far! Thank you, Wendell, for sharing this.

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