About Vicki

I am the last in my family line to carry the name Ware. It is my middle name. I am interested in learning about my ancestors, because all my mother's family were past about the time I was born. I began researching like most of us start, with a casual curiosity, which has developed into a healthy obsession. I've been learning how and where to research for several years, and have amassed a lot of interesting information. But the most important part of this journey into the past, is the connections I have made with family members many times removed, but who share a common interest as well as common ancestors. I can now say with pride that I am a member of a large and varied family. I hope that this website can help fill in the blanks, put the pieces of the puzzle together, and solve the mysteries of your past. ~ Captain Jack Sparrow

Capt. James Ware (1778 – 1825)

.     Capt. James Ware  1778 – 1832 Nancy Garland Pendleton 1786 – 1825 by Iris Teta Eubank Wagner 3rd great-granddaughter Capt. James Ware  was born December 25, 1778 in Amherst County, Virginia, son of Capt. John Ware, an officer in the … Continue reading

Richard Ware (1764 – 1834)

BIOGRAPHY: Richard Ware (1764-1834) “Richard Ware may have been born in Scotland about 1764 and came to America with a brother settling in Alexander, Virginia in 1774. Richard and Mary “Polly” Wilson were married 24 June 1804. George Wilson, his … Continue reading

Charles Milton Ware (1855 – )

Mr. Ware devotes his attention largely to dairying with ten grade, short horn cows and a good quota of young cattle. He is president of the Deerfleld Valley creamery. He has a sugar place of 900 buckets and is reputed … Continue reading