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Ephraim Groves Ware Bible

Ware Family Bible Records.—Dr. B. P. Crocker of Foxborough, Mass., has sent for the use of the Society a copy of the records in a Bible which he recently found at the town farm. On the first page is “Presented to Sarah Ware by her Father Dec. 7, 1816.” Dr. Crocker presumes that the father was Samuel Coverly, and that Sarah was the wife of Ephraim Groves Ware.

Ephraim Groves Ware and Sarah Coverly were married May 13, 1816

Elias Ware ‘and Deborah Groves were married January 25,1781 [In Franklin —Wr. V. R.t]

* Faded; “Coll” entered in later hand.

 Vital Records of Wrentham, Mass., to 1850, 2v., 1910, comp. by Thomas W. Baldwin.

Samuel C. Ware and Harriett M. Sweet were married Dec. 24, 1866
Samuel Coverly and Sally Wlnslow were married November 30, 1787.
Timothy Ware son of Robert & Elizabeth Ware born Dec. 28, 1716
Mary Healy daughter of Paul and Hannah Healy were married in 1742

Elias Ware son of Timo. born 30,1764 [May 30—Wr. V. E.]

Mary Ware ” b. Dec. 2, 1743

Olive Ware ” b. [Mar. 22 1744-6—Wr. V. E.]

Timothy Ware” [b.jNov. 17 1746*

Preston Ware to Nancy Bay Oct. 1806

Elias Ware Jr. to Abigail Lamb Nov. 13 1809

Galen Ware to Catherine Smith June 17, 1810

James Ware to Malinda Shaw White Dec. 4, 1809 [Dec. 16—Wr. V. R.]

Clarissa Ware to Fisher [Joshua—Wr. V. R.] Spooner May 26 1816

James Ware to Elisa Pope 2nd wife May 24, 1818

Addison Ware to Elisa Haynes Dec. 1, 1831

Adelaide Maria Ware married to D. Cobb Dec. 11, 1831

Lorenzo D. Ware to Malinda Jane Ware August 14, 1883

Samuel C. Ware b. March 3, 1817
Samuel Coverly Ware b. April 12, 1818
Ephraim Groves Ware Jr. b. Dec. 13, 1820
John Winslow Ware, b. August 9, 1824
Sarah Jane Ware b. January 18, 1830

Elias Ware Jr. son of Elias & Deborah born Feb. 19, 1782

Preston Ware born Sept 24, 1783

James Ware born Nov 2 1786

Hermon Ware born Oct. 10 1786 [Oct. 20—Wr. V. R.] died December 6, 1787.

Galen Ware born April 20 1789

Ephraim Groves [Grover—Wr. V. R.] Ware b. Aug. 26, 1791

Clarissa Ware b. Ap. 17, 1794

Maria Ware b. March 23, 1797

Milton Ware b.May 28, 1799

Addison Ware b. Sept 29 1802

Deborah Ann Ware b. Mar 6, 1805 [Ann omitted; Mar 8—Wr. V. R.]

Elizabeth Coverly daughter of Samuel and Sarah Coverly born 6 Oct. 1788 Sarah Winslow Coverly born Jan. 18, 1790 [Winslow crossed out in original] Samuel Coverly Jr. born 17 June 1793

Timothy Ware (Grandfather) son of Robert & Elizabeth born Dec. 23, 1716 [1715—Wr. V. It.] married Mary Healey (Grandmother) daughter of Paul and Hannah Healey

Elias Ware (Father) born May 30, 1764 died June 80, 1841.
Mary born Dec. 2 1742 [1743—Wr. V. R.] died June 6, 1791
Olive born March 22, 1744 died 1832

Timothy born November 17 [Nov 20—Wr. V. R.], 1746 died May 29, 1798
Mary married Joseph Hills Feb 14, 1765
“died June 10, 1815

Robert Ware son of Robert (great-grandfather) & Elizabeth b. Nov. 21, 1711 [Nov 27—Wr. V. R.] Esther Mann daughter of Thomas & Hannah b. Aug. 19, 1712 Esther Ware daughter b. May 30, 1739 Robert Ware son b. Feb. 2, 1741 8arah Ware daughter b. May 18,1743 Betty Ware ” b. Feb. 23 1744 Eldad Ware son b. Jan 1, 1749 Rachel Ware daughter b. 1751 [Sept. 1—Wr. V. R.]

Timothy Ware Jr. (uncle) & Abiel Ray m. Dec. 7, 1769 Timo Jr. (uncle same as above) son of T. born Nov. 17, 1746 [Nov. 20—Wr. V. R.]

* Olive Wore, on the line above, was erroneouily credited with this date in the orignal

Abiel Ray his wife born Oct 21,1748 [Oct 10—Wr. V. R.]

Rachel Ware b.Dec. 12, 1770

Molly Ware b. Nov 13, 1772 died Oct. 12, 1832

Lucls Ware b. Sept 18, 1774 [Lewis—Wr. V. R.]

Waltstill Ware b. April 12, 1777 [month lacking in Wr. V. R.]

Timo Ware b. Sept. SO 1779

Eunice Ware b. Jany 18, 1782

Olive Ware b. Sept 12, 1785 [Nov.—Wr. V. R.]

Abiel [b. Dec. 6, 1787—Wr. V. R.]

Avery [b. June 10, 1792—Wr. V. R.]

Samuel C. Ware died March 8, 1817
Ephraim Groves Ware died November 8, 1802
Ephraim G. Ware died April 22, 1864 aged 43
Sarah Ware died June 21, 1870

Ephraim Groves (Grandfather) d. in Franklin June 7, 1810

Elias Ware (Father) died June 80, 1841.

Deborah Ware (mother) died Dec. 23, 1843

Clara Ware Spooner (sister) died Sept. 1866

Dolly Ann Fisher (sister) died Jan 17, 1857

Milton Ware (brother) died at New Orleans Dec. 25, 1839

Ellas Ware (brother) died at St. Louis Nov. 24 1859

Timothy Ware (my Grandfather) died Nov. 29, 1794

Mary Hills (my aunt) d. Jan. 5, 1797 aged 53

Timo Ware (my uncle) died May 29, 1798 aged 51 [May 30—Wr. V. R.]

Rachel Ware (my grandfather’s 2nd wife) d. June 11, 1800

Capt. Joseph Hills d. June 10, 1815

Nancy Ware (my bro. P. wife) d. Sept 7, 1813

Mallnda Shaw Ware bro. James 1st wife died July 16, 1816

Malinda Jane died May 1816 [Jane Melinda; May 12—Wr. V. R.]

Electa Ware my bro Preston 2nd wife d. Sept 3, 1831

Olive Messlnger my aunt died June 15,1832 aged 87 9 17
Bathsheba Groves my grandmother died March 9, 1787

Ephraim Groves my uncle died June 1789 caused by the spindle of a grindstone Herman Ware died in infancy.

Source:  The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1912, Vol. 66, Boston, Published by the Society, 1912, pages 89 – 91

John Ware Family, Dedham Massachusetts

 BIBLE: John Ware Family of Dedham, MA
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The following information is from the Iowa Genealogical Society, 
6000 Douglas, P.O. Box 7735, Des Moines, Iowa 50322

This Bible was printed in 1836, published by N. Haskell Co., Woolstock, VT.

John Ware & Eunice Bancroft               Mar 1806
John S. Ware & Fanny V. Cole           29 Nov 1830
Orin Davis & Roxana P. Ware            04 May 1835
O?ro L. Burnlam & Florinda H. Ware     16 May 1837
William Ware & Elvira M. Sheplee       03 Dec 1840
Orlando C. Sheplee & Cordelia O. Ware  26 Aug 1856
William O. Ware & Luthera C. Bosworth  28 Aug 1882

John Ware               17 Dec 1779
Eunice Bancroft         02 Apr 1785
William Bancroft        11 Jun 175?
Mary Bancroft           06 May 1752

John S. Ware            20 Nov 1807
William O. Ware         28 Jun 1809
Roxana P. Ware          01 Mar 1811
Forinda H. Ware         11 Jan 1813
William O. Ware         01 Jan 1818
Ira A. Ware             28 Nov 1820
Cordelia Ware           23 Apr 1828

Orlando C. Sheplee      08 Jan 1827
Cordelia E. Ware        23 Apr 1828
William Ware Sheplee    16 Feb 1858
Henry Havelock Sheplee  06 Jul 1861
John Kendall Sheplee    04 Sep 1868
George Bancroft Sheplee 21 Jul 1867

William Bancroft Jr.    11 Mar 1772
Asa Bancroft            10 Apr 1773
Mary Bancroft           10 Apr 1776
Eunice Bancroft         13 Sep 1779
Thomas Bancroft         22 Jul 1780
Phebe Bancroft          17 Nov 1782
John Bancroft           22 Dec 1784
Daniel Bancroft         12 Mar 1787
Clarissa Bancroft       22 Aug 1788
Electa Bancroft         11 Jan 1792
Jonathan Bancroft       06 May 1795
Fanny Bancroft          05 Jun 1798
(The above are probably the children
of William & Mary Bancroft)

William O. Ware             01 May 1810 ae 10 mo 2 da
Roxana P. Ware              19 Sep 1844 ae 33 yr 6 mo 19 da
John Ware                   29 Apr 1847 ae 67 yr 4 mo 12 da
Ira A. Ware                 30 Jan 1853 ae 32 yr 2 mo  2 da
Florinda H. Burnlam         26 May 1854 ae 41 yr 4 mo 15 da
Eunice B. Ware              03 Apr 1860 ae 75 yr       1 da
John S. Ware                29 Nov 1881 ae 74 yr       9 da
William O. Ware             29 Jun 1886 ae 68 yr 5 mo 29 da
Luthera L. Ware             04 Apr 1919 ae 90 yr 8 mo 18 da (wife of W.O.) Burlington, IA
Orlando O. Sheplee          14 Jan 1913 ae 86 yr       6 da
Cordelia E. Ware Sheplee    04 Sep 1918 ae 90 yr 4 mo 12 da
Henry H. Sheplee            19 Sep 1907 ae 46 yr 2 mo 13 da
Abbie (Waite?, his wife)    14 Aug 1894 married 04 Feb 1886
William Ware Sheplee        29 Mar 1936 ae 78 yr 1 mo 13 da
Ella A. Sheplee (his wife)  22 Sep 1936 ae 73 yr
John K. Sheplee             13 Apr 1942 ae 78 yr 7 mo 9 da Huntley, MN

Newspaper clipping in the Bible
Fanny V. Ware, widow of John S. Ware, 73, died at East Boston, 15 Mar 1882.

Ware Family Bible, Scott Co. Missouri

Ware Family Bible Records
Submitted by Diane Provost Poster-#-8-


      Please find the following taken from my grandparents family Bible. There were two pages. One for births and one for deaths.

Joseph William WARE born Dec. 1, 1888 Scott Co, MO
Fannie Elizabeth FORRESTER WARE born Feb. 10, 1891 Obion Co. TN
Gladys M. WARE born Oct. 21,1911 Scott Co.
Virgie Mae WARE Born June 28, 1914 Scott Co.
Jewilline WARE
Joseph William WARE

Gladys M. WARE died Dec. 3, 1911 Scott. Co.
Joseph Wm. WARE died May 29, 1951


Marvin E. Ware Obituary, 2008

Marvin E. Ware Passed away June 21, 2008, in San Jose, California. He was born June 20, 1921, in San Jose and lived his entire life in Santa Clara County. Marvin graduated from San Jose High School and San Jose State, and worked as a Yosemite Park ranger during academic recess periods. He also served in the Army Air Force during World War II. Upon retirement from Santa Clara County Weights and Measures in 1986 his post-retirement activities included membership in RPEA Chapter 031 and service on the Board of Directors. He is survived by his wife, Shirley of 60 years of marriage, daughters Kathy Ware and Karen Cushman, sons-in-law John Erke and Gary Cushman, as well as grandsons Michael and Matthew Erke and Jared and Erik Cushman. At his request there will be no services. Inurnment will occur in Sierraville, California.


Source:  San Jose Mercury News (CA) – Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Barbara Ware Griggs Obituary, 2008

GRIGGS-Barbara Ware Griggs, a longtime resident of Pasadena, passed away peacefully on October 3, 2008. She was 87 years old. Barbara was the widow of banker and community leader, H. Warner Griggs. She was a graduate of Smith College. Barbara was actively involved in many local organizations such as the Junior League, the Caltech Athenaeum & Associates, and the Scripps Home Auxiliary. She is survived by sons, H. Warner Griggs Jr. and Richard Ware Griggs ; daughter, Betsy Hart Griggs; three grandchildren and five great grandchildren. A private service will be held. Friends, who wish, may direct donations in her honor to: Betty Ford Center Foundation-Patient Assistance Fund, 41990 Cook St., Ste. C301, Palm Desert, CA 92211.


Source:  Pasadena Star-News (CA) – Thursday, October 9, 2008

Elizabeth Ware Harper Obituary, 2009






Elizabeth Ware Harper, known as “Betsy” to friends and family, passed away peacefully on August 1, 2009. Born May 31, 1923, in New York, she grew up spending her summers on Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts. She attended Whee-lock College in Boston, Massachusetts, and became an elementary school teacher. On June 14, 1947, she married William “Bill” Woodhouse Harper. Over the years, they moved to New Jersey, spent some years living in Florida and ultimately moved to San Diego, California. In California, Betsy became a preschool teacher for years, but in 1976 went to work for Sea World in San Diego, California. Betsy worked in the merchandise department of Sea World for 33 years enjoying the beauty of the park and the friendship of her co-workers. Betsy loved animals, in particular her cats, but to know Betsy, you would know that the real loves of her life were her three daughters and two grandchildren. Betsy is preceded in death by her parents, her brothers Jack and Paul, her sister Anne and her husband Bill. She is survived by her sister Patricia Ware Vann of Martha’s Vineyard, MA; her daughter, Wendy Ware Harper of San Diego, CA; her daughter and son-in-law, Elizabeth (Libby) and Peter Caffall-Davis of Hyder, Alaska; daughter and son-in-law, JudyAnne Harper and Charles Snyder of San Diego, CA; and her two grandchildren, Katherine “Katie” Snyder and Charles “Chuckie” Snyder of San Diego, CA. Memorial contributions may be made to Best Friends Animal Society, 5001 Angel Canyon Road, Kanab, Utah 84741-5000. A Celebration of Betsy’s Life will be held Friday, August 28, 2009, at 2:00 p.m. at the Point Loma Community Presbyterian Church Chapel. Interment is planned for a later date at Oak Grove Cemetery on Martha’s Vineyard Island, Tisbury, MA.


Source:  San Diego Union-Tribune, The (CA) – Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hadon Dewey Ware Obituary, 2010

WARE, DEWEY May 23, 1925 – January 5, 2010 Dewey Ware was born in Cramerton, N.C., the eldest son of seven children. After a long illness, he passed away peacefully at his home in Diamond Springs surrounded by his loving family. Dewey’s reputation as a hard worker began as a youngster selling ”dewberries” and newspapers on the streets of Charlotte. At the age of 17, Dewey joined the U.S. Navy and was honored to serve his country in World War II. He served on the USS Brown, DD 546 in the Pacific Theatre. His ship was in Halsey’s Typhoon where he rescued fellow shipmates from the deadly ocean waters, gave up his bunk and food to the men who had been in the water for five days. After the war, Dewey followed his shipmate, ”Babe” to Reno, Nevada where he met and married the love of his life, Maryellen ”Norma” Hodder in 1950. He often referred to Norma as ”his only stroke of genius.” It was in Reno that their first of four girls, Priscilla was born. After a move to Sacramento, Glenda, Gloria and Loretta were born while he was a brakeman and switchman for Southern Pacific Railroad in Roseville, CA. Dewey and Norma purchased their first house in 1954 in North Highlands where all four girls attended Highlands High School. Dewey started as a laborer for A. Teichert Construction and was promoted to foreman in 1962. He was respected and loved by the people who worked for him and was admired as a trouble shooter for difficult jobs. He went on to be the foreman on the bridge built over the American River from Sacramento State University and put in most of the subdivisions in the Pocket area of South Sacramento. Dewey was a member of the Operating Engineers, Local 3 for 47 years. Leadership, volunteerism and mentoring came easy for Dewey. He was President and Life Member of the Mother Lode Lions Club. He also served as Discovery Zone Chair and Region Chairman for Lions International, District 4C-5. Dewey is the only Lion to be honored twice as ”District Lion of the Year” and went on to have the highest honor, the prestigious Melvin Jones Fellow Award presented to him in 1991. On a national level, he was recognized by President Bush with the ”Daily Points of Light” award for his volunteerism. A natural athlete, Dewey loved to fish, play softball, golf, camping, bike riding and abalone diving with his family. It was a rare weekend that Dewey and Norma did not have an outing scheduled that included the entire family and often times many friends. A great husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather and friend, Dewey was not a complicated man. Dewey called each one of his daughters every day and repeated his signature line, ”Have I told you lately how much I love you?” He adored his family, his friends and his community. Doing for others and helping those in need came natural for him. Whatever he had, he would give you without hesitation. If he didn’t have it, he would find it for you. Dewey mentored many throughout his 84 years. Donations may be made in Dewey’s honor to Snowline Hospice, the Diamond Springs Fire Department or the Mother Lode Lions Club. A celebration of life is scheduled for Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 1pm at the Mother Lode Lions Club at the corner of Missouri Flat and Pleasant Valley Roads in Diamond Springs.


Source:  Sacramento Bee, The (CA) – Sunday, January 24, 2010

John Keith Ware Obituary, 2010

John Ware

John Keith Ware, born June 13, 1922, in Spokane, Wash., passed peacefully at home in the arms of his wife, Betty, and family, Oct. 17, 2010.

John’s journey touched his country, as a Marine serving in the Pacific during World War II; and his community, as an independent contractor, member of California Search and Rescue, and avid lover of people. His family knew him to be a man of great patience, love and giving, a mentor and a friend. They also appreciated his love of the outdoors and animals, his endless stories, and his wonderful sense of humor. This world is a better place because of him, and though sorely missed, his gift of love of life and laughter is amplified through those he touched: his loving friend and wife, Betty; daughters, Janet and Lori; sons, Bryant, Craig and Doug; daughters-in-law, Kim and Stacy; grandchildren, Lisa Freathy (Andrew), Breianna Curry, and Katie, Jared, Cami, Megan, Jaiden, Ellie, Ryan and Dylan Ware; and many loving friends and acquaintances. Every day is a gift. Thank you, John.

Friends, acquaintances and loved ones are welcome at a memorial service Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010, 2 p.m. at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 2590 Trower Ave., Napa. Donations, if desired, may be directed to either the much-deserved Kaiser Hospice, or the Napa Valley Nursery School (NVNS) John Ware Memorial Scholarship Fund (P.O. Box 2213, Napa, CA 94558).


Source:  Napa Valley Register (CA) – Saturday, October 23, 2010