Excursus–Ware and Webb Family

“WARE.–The Gloucester county records being largely destroyed by the Federal Troops, it has been impossible to learn anything of the ‘Wares’ of that county.  Rev. Jacob Ware was in Henrico before 1700, as given by Dashiell.  In June, 1698, a suit was entered against him.  Summons returned ‘non est inventus.’  He has a son, Francis, to whom Robert Symons, by will pro. Dec. 2, 1700, gave all his estate.  The estate of Mr. Jacob Ware was inventoried July 1, 1709, April 1716, Francis W. made deposition the he was the oldest son of Mr. Jacob Ware, minister of the Henrico Par. more than 20 years… Inventory of the estate of Chas Douglas, dec’d, was presented in court June 1, 1709, by Caleb Ware and Bethaniah, his wife, relict of said Douglas.  Caleb and Bethaniah were m. by license March 1,1708-9.

W.G.S. says a deed is on record, York county, May 26, 1675, from Peter Ware, of Hampton parish, York county, to Nat. Bacon, for land devised by his father Peter Ware, ‘long since deceased.’  Also deed, May 23, 1693, from Valentine Ware, K.&Q. Co., son and h. of Peter Ware the 2nd, confirming deed of 1675.  This was prob. father of Mr. Edward Ware and Mr. Valentine Ware, vestryman of Stratton Major Par., K.&Q. Co., 1729-1731, and Mr. Jno. Ware, 1735-1737.

From the Va. Land Office Register it appears that John Ware … rec’d 700 a. on Rapp’k R. May14, 1653; Edward Ware and Gilbert Elam, Sr. and Jr. …2015 in Henrico county, April 28,1692; Elizabeth Ware …240 a. on Pamunkey, April 1, 1702; Thomas do. …6203, in same; Edward do. …like in K.&Q. county, Oct 23 1703; Valentine …600 in K.&Q., May 2, 1705, also 260 a. in same;  Thomas …150 a. K. Wm. county, Feb. 9, 1724; Valentine …167 a. in Henrioc county, Dec. 10, 1724.”

Source:  Virginia Genealogies and Genealogy of the Glassell family of Scotland, by Rev. Horace Edwin Hayden, M.A., Wilkes-Barre, PA, 1891, CC 1885, page 40


Excursus–Ware and Webb Family — 2 Comments

  1. If memory serves me correct. a
    Ms. Kay Rocket, had tracted the
    Rev. Jacob Ware, to Cornwall England.

  2. My goodness Vicki, but you are on a roll of interesting posts today. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each of them and saved them in a folder even thought they are on your website. I like to go back, review and compare them with my records. Thank you so much for all this Ware history.


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