April Newsletter

I think Spring has finally arrived here in Nevada.  Snow will be replaced with rain, I hope!  But all in all, the flowers are, flowering, the grass is growing and a box of kleenex is my constant companion.

We are going to be adding a new Category; a photo album page.  The albums will be separated into types.  Since Memorial Day is next month, I thought Tombstones would be the best to begin with.  I was fortunate to have been sent a large envelope of photos from Raymond Martin Ware, of tombstones and grave markers from cemeteries in Daviess Co. Kentucky.  I will be posting them for him.  All submissions must be in jpeg format.  If you don’t have the ability to scan and photoshop, you may forward them to me and I will do it for you.  Please be sure to have adequate information about each photo.

I was also hoping you might write and submit a Memorial Story about an Ancestor; be it parent, grandparent, etc.  If you have trouble posting it, I can do it for you, just forward it to me at warefamilies.

One  little technical problem has arisen and we are working on correcting it.  The search tool on the home page does not always bring up all the posts about an individual or place.  Go to the Site Map and click on the arrow, rather than the category.  By clicking on just the category, you will only see the last 10 posts.

And I have heard from a few of you that you are having trouble with your passwords.  Passwords were generated by the computer when you signed up.  You can change your password to anything you desire.  Just go to the edit button on your profile.  Still having trouble?  Contact me and I will do it for you.

Ken has reminded me to ask if you have any suggestions for changes or improvements.  This is a community website and we want your participation.

As I mention earlier I received a lot of information from Raymond  M. Ware.  (Remember, he was the gentleman who had contacted me and said that he had lost his family files.  He found them a few days later.)  I was shocked when I opened the envelope and found original materials.  I called him to say I would be copying and returning as soon as possible and he told me to keep them as he no longer had need of the information.  No one in his family was interested in his research.  I cried after our conversation, because unfortunately this may happen to a lot of us.  It is great to be the family genealogist, but you are that because no one else in your family cares.  So what do you do with all the years research?  I began to wonder what I was going to do with all of mine.  I have a couple of cousins, but we are all close in age, and I’m sure none of my children will want it.  I’m going to make a small provision in my will that it be sent sent to libraries in appropriate areas of the US for others to see.  Hopefully some future generation might benefit.

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  1. A wonderful message Vicki. Spring brings so many things to us. Farmers are checking the temperature of the soil to know the optimal time for planting; fishing men and women are checking the temperature of the water to know the exact time to drop a line in for the best fishing. Will look forward to viewing the photos and messages. Meanwhile, keep the tissue box close at hand and God Bless,

    C. Wayne Ware
    Cedar Falls, IA

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