May Newletter – Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mother’s living and past.

We are the sum total of their guidance, their caring and their love, and their genes.  Not all mother’s are and were the same; some better and some who perhaps were not the best.  Some mother’s have opportunities and some don’t.  Some mothers can juggle a hectic life.  Some mothers struggle with the challenge of raising younger versions of themselves.     Some mothers become wonderful grandmothers and aunts.  Some mothers think their task is done when their children leave home.  But I believe they all do the best they can.  Let us give them the love and respect due them, to their skill of parenting.

Celebrate your mother because you love her, not because there is one day marked on the calendar to do so, but all the days of her life.



We have the Photo Gallery category ready to receive your photos, but it is not quite ready for you to do it your self.  Please send them to me in jpeg format with all pertinent information and I will post them for you.  There are three folders currently in the gallery.  Take a look and add your pictures, be it old photos, places or tombstones.


Warefamiles is becoming popular and out “hits” come from all over the world.  Recently I was contacted by a member of a one of my “side” families.  I had been searching for a descendant of this line for years.  The gentlemen wrote me he had read an article on our site and seen the photos.  He sent me his lineage and because of some clues, I might finally be able to find the graves of my great-great-grandparents.

I know many of you have had happy coincidences like this and I would love to share them.  If you can’t attach stories or photos yourselves, please send them to me I will  do it for you.

We also have two new members this month.  One lady a referral from another member.  We welcome them and hope we can help with their research.

We don’t have a place for Messages as yet, but as more inquiries come to us, we plan to add that feature.

As I have explained before, only our members have access to each others e-mail addresses.  Sadly we had to remove a member, because she contacted another member and challenged her inappropriately.  This was brought to our attention.  Genealogy is not always perfect and family stories create opinions.  A cousin of mine says we can find out the truth when we meet them in Heaven.



Memorial Day is in a few weeks.  We would love to have stories about a family member you would like to memorialize.



I hope you all read a story called “Summer of ’97” by Raymond Martin Ware, from Alabama.  I got another submission from him yesterday which I am happily adding to our newsletter.    Ray has a wonderful sense of humor; putting light on the often dull and unrewarding subject of Genealogy.


A course in psychology, is a must in genealogy,
Especially when you hit that “brick Wall!”
You’ve given up hope, you’re at the end of your rope,
And no matter where you turn, there’s a stall!

Don’t give up in despair, he’s in there somewhere
You just have to find where to look!
Genealogy libraries are full of Harrys and Marys,
But which one belongs in your book?

It would be a real trick, if we could pull out one brick,
And take a peek at what’s over there!
If that could be done, it would be fun,
But that’s cheating and never quite fair!

You can get on the net, and that’s a sure bet,
There’s info, but what is it worth?
What you need, is a real solid lead,
And the net just might bring it forth!

One thing is sure, though it’s not very pure,
We all leave a long paper trail!
They recorded our birth, our weight and our girth,
Even if we were healthy or frail!

Another old tactic, is to look in your attic,
And go through those old boxes of stuff.
What could be better than photos and letters
To get us back out of the rough?

You’ve been through court houses, shared records with mouses,
And you’ve come to the end of the line!
So, quit pulling your hair, he’s out there somewhere,
And finding him just takes some time!

When you succeed, we’ll all take heed,
And we’ll know you have found the big lout!
You’ll know of course, when we join in your chorus,
And let out a wonderful shout!

That wonderful feeling, will send your head reeling,
Like winning the lottery, it seems!
It could even better, than pitching a no hitter,
Or finding the pork in the beans!



Have a wonderful day wherever you are, and I hope the sun is shining.



May Newletter – Happy Mother’s Day — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Raymond – it was such a delight to chat with you on the phone and I just wanted to add how much I enjoy your poem. You really have a talent for writing & it’s a blessing to us all.
    Thank you,
    Judy Ware

  2. Ken; Great News Letter!
    I know it must take much time to run a web site, and it is much appreciated!

    Often many of these question regarding family lines can be solved by DNA, but I find amazing that so few Ware’s have precipated to date?
    There are two Ware /Weir/Wear websites.

  3. I love this poem by Raymond. I have reached that looming “Brick Wall” and it is standing in front of me right now, separating me from an ancestor. But I know through perserverence, there is a way through and I keep looking.

    Thank you Vicki.

    C. Wayne Ware
    Cedar Falls, IA

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