Ware Link to General George S. Patton by: Judy Ware

General Patton

General George Patton


Robert Patton   +  Anne Mercer (daughter of Gen. Hugh Mercer)

B.  Sept. 24, 1750                                            B. 1774

D. Nov. 3, 1828              Oct. 1792                 D. 1832

Had: John Mercer Patton    +     Margaret French Williams

B. 1797                                                     B. 1804

D. 1858                                                      D. 1873

Had: George Smith Patton    +       Susan Thornton Glassell

B. 1833                     Sept. 1855              B. March 2, 1835

D. Sept. 25, 1864                                     D.  1883

Susan Thorton Glassell =

Granddaughter of Andrew Glassell & Elizabeth Taylor Glassell

Daughter of Andrew Glassell (May 15, 1793) & Susanne T. Thornton

Sister to William T. Glassell (Jan. 15, 1831) never married

Niece of Mildred Glassell (June 21, 1778) & Rueben Smith

Niece of John Glassell (Oct. 29, 1780) & Louisa Richard Brown

1st cousin to Frances Toy Glassell Ware

Had: George S. Patton         +                         Ruth Wilson

B. Sept. 30, 1856        Dec. 11, 1884            B. 1861

D. 1927                                                             D. 1928

Had: General George S. Patton   +   Beatrice Banning Ayer

B. Nov. 11, 1885                                            B. 1886

D. 1945                                                            D. 1953

Frances Toy Glassell +                      Josiah William Ware

B. July 25, 1809                                         B. Aug. 7, 1802

D. May 10, 1842         Feb. 22, 1827           D. Aug. 13, 1883

Granddaughter of Andrew Glassell & Elizabeth Taylor Glassell

Daughter of John Glassell & Louisa Richard Brown

Niece to Mildred Glassell & Rueben Smith

Niece to Andrew & Susanne T. Thornton Glassell

1st cousin to the children of Andrew & Susanne (i.e. Susan Thornton Glassell who married George Smith Patton)

Sister to Andrew McMillan Glassell  (& Frances Ann Downing)

COMMON LINK = Andrew & Elizabeth Taylor Glassell had:

(1) Mildred, (2) John, & (3) Andrew

(1) Mildred (& Reuben Smith) had

George Smith + Julia Somerville who had

Jane Morton Smith + James Alexander Ware( my ancestor)

(2) John & Louisa Richard Brown Glassell had

Frances Toy Glassell + Josiah William Ware who had

James Alexander Ware + Jane Morton Smith Ware

(3) Andrew & Susanna Thompson Thornton Glassell had

Susan Thornton + George Smith Patton who had

George S. Patton + Ruth Wilson Patton who had

General George S. Patton


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  1. Great work Judy. I’ve just potitively connected your WARE line to John Henry “Doc” Holliday. If you don’t already have it, I can sent you some info. Love your web site and am very appreciative of the work you and Jim have put into it. There’s the Bible and there’s Judy’s web site of the WARE family.

    Wayne said that.

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