September Newsletter

I hope you all had a pleasant summer.  I know that with the arrival of Autumn in a couple of weeks we will began to reorganize our closets to accommodate our warmer wardrobe, store the patio furniture and outside decorations, finish the canning and begin to put the garden to bed.   I know that many look forward to this cooler time and begin to think about the family events in the months ahead.  Snow-birds pack for their journey to a warmer clime.  And mother nature gives us one more brief look at her artistry, before she sleeps.


I have a pile of stories to write, when I can’t escape to the outside and procrastinate.  Perhaps I will find the information you need.  Or our members might share some of their memories, photos and histories.  I am always indebted to Judy Ware and Raymond Ware for their special reports and stories.

Joe Ware recently offered some research he did on his lineage that might prove very helpful to others.  I know some of you are struggling with branches on the Ware Family Tree and the DNA testing that both he and Wendell Ware have done has helped confirm their lineage.  I would suggest contacting both these gentlemen for particulars regarding testing.  It might give you the answers you are seeking.


Have you noticed we have two new Categories on the front page?  List and Directories is designed to give you information on you ancestors, provided you know where they lived, or if they were in the military, or college, etc.  City Directories give the address, and often the occupation of the individual.  In some cases it may offer a forwarding address or death notice, or a single women’s marital status.  Lists are usually military, college catalogues, tax, or church records.  I encourage you to take a look at the miscellaneous items also.  As more lists are found, new sub-categories will be added.

We have also added a Visitors Map, so you may see where our inquires are coming from.



Bonnie Bostic Ware

5 Oct 1925-22 Jan 2009

I left high school in my senior year to join the Navy, in October 1941.

After my discharge in September, 1945, I returned home, married my childhood sweetheart, bless her heart, and started a family.

A two year JC course in business ad, constituted my formal education.

My real education started after my Gracious and Lovely wife of 63 years passed away almost two years ago.

After a couple of months moping over what I could have done, and didn’t, what I did do that I shouldn’t have, I finally realized that what was done was done and there is no way it can ever be changed. I must go on with life.

Now, I am left with three options:

One, I can move in with the children. No, they have troubles enough with out adding mine.

Two, I can look for a rich widow, with motherly tendencies, and share with her. No, I am, and always will be, a one woman man.

Three. Stick with my independent Ware instincts and go it alone. Yes!

Now. My education really starts!


Watch how your Gracious and Lovely does things around the house!

Did you ever notice how she goes about preparing meals for instance?

Every step a study in efficient motion!

Major corporations could learn a thing or two.

What about how she goes about the general house cleaning?

I have always thought that the term “Housewife” was a terrible name for such an important profession. It seems such a belittling term!

She has developed a system utilizing a machine like routine.

Did you ever notice how she sorts the laundry so your “under lovelies”

don’t mixed up with your Sunday shirts?

It’s only until those “chores” fall upon you, do you realize how ill-prepared you are.

It took me quite awhile just to find the power switch on the vacuum sweeper,

How to change the pad on the swifter took a week. I now understand why you don’t leave those “Scrubbing Bubbles” on the shower stall overnight! They just don’t want to let go!

And, probably the most important thing I learned was, by not paying attention, when doing the laundry, you DON’T PUT BLEACH IN WITH THE DARK, OR COLORED CLOTHES!.

I ended up with “baby blue jeans“, and “tie dyed” shirts. You ladies know  about “tie dyed” things. Maybe the “tie dyed” shirts will be back in vogue.

I certainly hope so, I’ve got a bunch of ‘em!

I have gradually gotten a handle on most of  these things, but one thing eludes my most earnest efforts.

I used to watch my Lovely and Gracious make up the bed after the sheets were laundered and ready to make up. Fascinating, awesome!

I managed to master the square corner thing, slipping the pillow case deal, but what I simply cannot get the hang of, is how she takes that sheet,

raises it up head high, gives it a magic flip and it floats down on the bed like a butterfly with a parachute!

Not the first wrinkle, wad, or lump!

No running around the bed adjusting corners, or, does it hang too low here or there, none of that!


I have just finished doing my weekly bed laundry, and after almost an hour of pulling, unfolding and stretching, fussing and fuming, I finally have a made up bed that would not embarrass me should visitors happen by.  My L&G could have finished it in ten minutes!

The Lord made something extra special when He made the HOME MAKER!

I know I’ll do fine if I ever master the technique of “Sheet Floating!”

Raymond Ware



September Newsletter — 2 Comments

  1. Oh Raymond – your wife must smile from ear to ear as she reads your lovely tributes. You prove the following quote so beautifully – “To live in the heart of someone you love is to never die.” I think we all desperately hope that we will be remembered in the kind of way your Gracious & Lovely is.
    Bless you,

  2. A touching story Raymond and a great tribute to the one and only’s of our lives.

    I am keenly interested in the DNA testing offered by and have ordered a kit. I’m stuck not knowing who my g-g-g grandfather’s parents were. Am hoping this will open some doors for me.


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