The Boston Directory (Massachusetts), 1858

Ware Charles E. physician, house 6 Temple place
Ware Daniel L. lotion manuf. 41 Cambridge
Ware Darwin E. (Hazelton & W.), counsellor, 1 Joy’s building, b. 1 Bumstead place
Ware Ephraim G. h. 1 E. Dedham, c. Wash.
Ware Eph. G. jr. thread store,9 E.Dedham.b 1 do.
Ware George Whitefield, 151 Pearl, b. 10 Hudson
Ware George W. boards 10 Hudson

Ware George W. (Blake, Ware & Co.), 59 Brattle, house at West Cambridge

Ware Henry, counsellor, 34 School, h. at Camb.
Ware Henry, carpenter, b. 1 Hancock
Ware James jr. 43 Milk, b. 16 Tyler

Ware John, physician, 1 Winter pl. h. at Auburndale
Ware John P. 19 Congress, boards 49 Eliot
Ware John P. boards Adams House
Ware John S. com. mcr. 67 Com’l, h. at Somerville
Ware John W. clerk, b. E. Dedham, c. Wash.
Ware Joseph, sailmaker, boards 23 Prince
Ware Joseph O. 23 Bromfield, h. at S. Malden
Ware Joshua, 36 Washington, house at Melrose

Ware Leonard, office 230 State, and oil store 79 Portland street, house at Roxbury
Ware Leonard jr. 18 Pearl, house at Roxbury
Ware Lyman C. foreman at Alger’s, h. 41 Silver
Ware Paschal P. P. gas fixtures, 23 Bromfield,


BOSTON DISPENSARY. Instituted 1790. …

Attending Physicians.– …District 5, Robt.Ware.

MASS. GENERAL HOSPITAL. McLean Street. Incorporated, 1811. Officers of the Hospital.  …Chas. E. Ware, M. D., …

SOCIETY FOR MEDICAL IMPROVEMENT. Annual Meeting held on the 2d Monday in January. Regular Meetings, 2d and 4th Monday of each month. Chairman, (chosen at each meeting.) D. Humphreys Storer, M. D., C. E. Ware, M. D., A. A. Gould, J. Mason Warren, M. D., Prudential Committee. F. E. Oliver, M. D., Secretary aad Treasurer. John B. S. Jackson, M. D Curatoroj the Cabinet. Buckminster Brown, M. D., Librarian.

SOCIETY FOR MEDICAL OBSERVATION. 12 Temple place. Robert Ware, Recording Secretary Calvin G. Page, Treasurer. Charles E. Buckingham, Librarian.


No. 28 State St. Incorporated, March, 1831.

Capital, $4,000,000.

Bookkeepers. Samuel C. Ware, …


Ware Dan’l L. 41 Cambridge

India Rubbers. (Shoes)

Ware P. Jr. & Co. 112 Pearl

Loan Fund Associations.


No. 16 Summer Street.

Vice President. …L. C. Ware, …


Ware Henry, 34 School

Commission Merchants.

Ware P jr. & Co. 112 Pearl

Ware John S. 67 Commercial


Ware Charles E. 6 Temple pl.

Ware John, 131 Tremont

Ware Robert, 131 Tremont

Oils and Candles.

Curriers’ Oil.

Ware Leonard, 230 State

Thread, Yarns, Etc.

Ware E.G. jr. E. Dedham

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